6 Pros and Cons of DC’s Wonder Woman (2017)

When Wonder Woman made her debut in DC’s Batman V Superman, she was one of the good things about the movie (read my BvS review here). So, knowing that DC is making a standalone Wonder Woman movie, I know I have to see it. Did the movie exceeds my expectations? How’s the cast, direction and script? Did I enjoy the solo adventure of Wonder Woman? Read on to find out. Continue reading “6 Pros and Cons of DC’s Wonder Woman (2017)”

6 Most-Influential Film Directors in Modern Indonesian Cinema

From silent movies, musical to heavy censorship under President Suharto’s dictatorship, the Indonesian movie industry has gone through a lot of changes since Usmar Ismail’s Darah dan Doa released in 1950.

Look at the genres: from romance, horror to the recently soaring comedies genre (cringe, satirical, parody or slapstick, you name it) along with small, experimental movies, the themes are fluid and the audience simply craves for more items in terms of quality and quantity.

On March 30, we will be celebrating National Film Day, and what better way to celebrate the dedicated day than celebrating those illustrious movie figures behind the screen? We have narrowed down and handpicked six of the most influential modern Indonesian film directors who have broken the barriers, jumpstarted a new genre, or who have simply kept on directing exciting and interesting movies over the time. Let’s start! Continue reading “6 Most-Influential Film Directors in Modern Indonesian Cinema”

5 Reasons Why Moonlight Deserved to Win Best Picture at the Oscars

After Moonlight won the Best Picture at the 89th Academy Awards last month (following a huge blunder by Warren Beatty), I thought to list down 5 reasons why I think this beautiful movie deserved the prestigious accolade over the other contenders. The reasons might surprise you, and some might not. Read ahead with obvious spoilers in between.

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7 Pros and Cons of Disney’s Beauty and the Beast (2017)

Wait, is this a musical? This is how detached I am with Disney’s Beauty and the Beast. I watched the animation once, maybe twice, when I was younger but couldn’t remember much. So, no moment is better than now to watch the re-interpretation of Disney’s classic animated movie. Read ahead what are the pros and cons I found in Beauty and the Beast!

Note: There is an obvious spoiler below, so if you haven’t seen 2017 Beauty and the Beast, come back next time 😉 Continue reading “7 Pros and Cons of Disney’s Beauty and the Beast (2017)”

5 Things I Learned from Resident Evil: The Final Chapter (2016)

If you are like me who grew up watching The Resident Evil movie collection, then you know you have a weird relationship with the movie series; it’s somewhat a guilty pleasure until it is not.

The earlier Resident Evil movies were wonky and sloppy to say the least. I would say that Retribution was alright, but the third and fourth movies with Alice clones and incoherent story and character developments? *sigh* But, the latest Resident Evil: The Final Chapter promises a better story arc and a possible ending to the zombie-apocalypse debacle.

I thought to share with you the things I learned throughout watching Resident Evil: The Final Chapter, because hey! if this is the last then we all need to know what we can learned from the film. It has been a long 15 years for Alice and gang who survived the freaking T-virus in the Resident Evil movie collection. Read on! (beware of the spoilers…)

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