Elysium (2013) Movie Review

A bald Matt Damon…

Written and directed by Neill Blomkamp, Elysium takes place in a dystopian future, where the earth as we know it has turned into a junkyard of diseases and poverty. Droids now act as humans supervisor and space ship acts as a medium transportation. While the poor suffers and struggles for basic necessities, the wealthy have made a new home in an outer space station and called it Elysium.

Our lead actor is Max, a bald ex-con who is been exposed to a deadly radiation and has to fly up to Elysium and try to find a way to cure his disease and along the way he will brings justice to both worlds.

Gaining its fifteen minutes of fame, Elysium is this year’s perfect example of Hollywood’s Sci-Fi blunder of mistakes. I have to confess that our director’s much-acclaimed debut movie, District 9 is one of the most overrated film I have seen. So, I am not expecting much from Elysium.

If one thing Elysium gets it right is the terrorizing truth of what humans are capable of doing to survive. In the movie, we were shown two different kinds of world; where both main characters strive to fight for their existence. Max begins to fight for his survival when he is exposed to a lethal radiation. Where else, Delacourt (the rich president played by Jodie Foster) fights to keep the rights of the rich from the interference of the Earth immigrants. The emotions are off the charts in this film.

Now that I have told you the good side, I can’t help but felt disappointed with Elysium. I see it as the usual Hollywood’s cliche with a major problem on the characters and storyline development. Neill Blommkamp did a wonderful job in creating beautiful and scary worlds. The special effects and sound editing is perfect. Yet the plot lacks grit and fresh ideas to make it watchable. I believe the setting but I don’t believe the story. Elysium also reminded me of many sci-fi movies mashed into one. I mean Matt Damon in an Iron Man costume? Meh.

Playing the lead actor is Matt Damon who looks good in bald. I think I have a soft spot for Matt so I enjoyed his performance even though it’s nothing special; I’d rather see him in a drama. Returning to the silver screen after years, Jodie Foster fails to delivered what we are all expecting, or in this case what I was expecting. Playing the role of the tough and villainous government official, I expected her character to be more of a bad ass but she is just forgettable. Jodie looks good, but her character missed the background check. She is just mean without any reason.

Elysium could be better, but it isn’t the worst sci-fi movie I have seen.


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