Carrie (2013) Movie Review

Is Carrie a saint or a sinner?

The original Carrie (1976) is a cult classic and is one of my favourite horror movies. The movie’s sharp directing, eerie background score and Sissy Spacek‘s freaky performance as Carrie are all nightmare materials. However, there is a new remake to the classic and as much as I don’t want to see it, I am tempted.

What do we have here? The new Carrie is directed by Kimberly Peirce and cast Chloë Grace Moretz and Julianne Moore as the White’s mother and daughter. The film begins with Margaret White delivering her own baby and trying to kill the infant afterwards. Flash forward, we meet teenage Carrie White who goes to the local high school. Carrie is shy and socially awkward, thanks to the influenced of her religious nut job mother. Things turned worse for Carrie, when she got her first period while taking shower in the school’s bathroom after gym class. The infamous scene is pretty well shot. After the humiliating episode, Carrie begins to developed the power of telekinesis. Confused out of her mind, Carrie begins to read as many books about her new “gift” and she got some serious power. The movie reaches its climax at the prom night finale, when the ultimate prank turned into a nightmare massacre for the small town’s residences.

I have to admit, I do enjoyed the prom night scene immensely. Although, the new Carrie is portrayed rather demonic than an angry and confused teenage girl, it was really fun to watch her goes loco at those high school jocks and queen bees. If there is a good thing about this remake is the film doesn’t add nor does it ruined the iconic 1976 film.

The talented Chloë Grace Moretz tried hard to look naive and convincing as Carrie, but sadly she is nether. Let’s get real now. Sissy Spacek shines as Carrie because she was odd looking back then. I ain’t saying Mrs Spacek is bad looking, hell no, but compare her to Moretz? You do the math. I do enjoyed Chloe Moretz’s performance but felt she is totally miscast. On the other hand, Julianne Moore seems to have fun with her role as the religious Margaret White. I also need to mention that I enjoyed Portia Doubleday’s performance as the mean girl.

Although the new Carrie doesn’t contribute to Hollywood’s evolution, I like the feminist angle in the film. Let me explain. Carrie is this shy high school girl who possesses the power of telekinesis. She doesn’t know her father and she has a nutbag for a mother. She is alone, friendless and an oddball. But, among all of those negative traits she is one tough cookie. She didn’t run away from her problem nor does she ignored the ‘responsibility’ she has been given with.

To end this review, I think it’s good to write again how I feel about the climax. I am not pro Carrie’s prom scene massacre, but on the other hand I found myself enjoying every minutes of this new adaptation scene and maybe that’s what director Kimberly Pierce intended. Carrie is like, “I’ve enough of this shit and for that you guys are going to pay”.


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