TV: Misfits (2009)

British teenagers with superpowers…

Misfits is a series about six young wrongdoers who got struck by lightning during a storm and begin to develop superpowers. If you think that is not crazy enough, hear this out. Each episode brings a new problem for the gang (just like any other show), but more than that, each episode has their own super villain with different super powers.

First of all, I am tired of saying this, but Misfits is not like that US TV show: Heroes. Why not? Well, this is a British TV series and they are different. They are concise and straight forward. And with only few episodes in each season, every episodes are well-written and unique. Even the boring episodes of Misfits for me are always better than 22 episodes American series.

As the title suggested, Misfits means unusual. These characters are not saints, they are loud, brash and wild almost all of the time. They are not your blue bloods Downton Abbey guys or your suburban American families: they are hardcore thugs who are rude and crude and I absolutely loved them.

Another reason to love Misfits is for their pretty awesome powers. Whether they are good or evil, each of them won’t have cliché powers. Some of them have the ability to control milk while the other have hypnotic tits (I kid you not, watch the last season).

I think it’s safe to say I enjoyed this series. Although in season 4 the series got a major recast, but creators Howard Overman and Jon Brown still managed to come up with interesting storyline albeit its silliness, but well this is Misfits. The characters are allowed to be weird and even go beyond extreme. The fear of American TV writers will not be an issue for Misfits because these writers never play it safe.

Now which are my favourite plot line? I am fond of the ‘super hoodie’ in season 2. It was like one of the best mind-fuck TV episode I’ve seen. Another one would be the time when Kelly has to go back in time to stop Hitler in season 3. I basically love the first three seasons to death and also the cast. These actors (Lauren Socha, Iwan Rheon, Antonia Thomas, Lauren Socha, Nathan Stewart-Jarrett and Robert Sheehan) have such a great chemistry and apt to make dry humour works that I always ended up laughing so hard.

So, what are you waiting for?

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