August: Osage County (2013) Movie Review

They are the family from hell…

When their father went missing, three sisters return home to comfort their senile, loud and ill mother. The family reunion quickly turns into a trip to the family’s past where dark secrets and truths will be revealed. Although August: Osage County is not a horror movie, frankly they are close enough. Based on the award-winning Tracy Letts’ play in 2007, August is a dark-drama film at its best. The film also likes to play with the viewers emotions and patience. It can be exhausting for some, but entertaining for others. I think it’s hard to create a good drama, because not only the film needs to maintain the viewers interest from scene to scene, it also needs to make the audience feels with mix emotions after the credit rolls. Hence why, I think John Wells did a pretty decent job here.

Meryl Streep played the ill and mean mother as always she excels in it. I had a blast watching her performance as Violet Weston. Now, I have always liked Julia Roberts and I must say that I am amazed by her acting in August: Osage County. She actually outshone the great Meryl Streep in this one! My favourite scene is during the last 15 minutes when Julia Roberts’ character shouted “fuck you” in high pitch to Meryl Streep and in return she only received pity with no remorse.

When the tension fades away and your sanity kicks back in, I hope you will agree with me that August: Osage County is a treat for drama lovers.


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