Blue Jasmine (2013) Movie Review

The rich or the crazy?

I watched this movie on a plane ride! Blue Jasmine tells the story of a New York socialite, Jasmine, whose comfortable life turned upside down after her rich husband got caught up in embezzlement (he also cheated many many times) and force her to move in with her sister in San Fransisco. Directed by Woody Allen, the 98 minutes movie explores Jasmine’s action and decision as well as her state of mind. I enjoyed most of Allen’s work, because I feel he is the only director who can blend comedy and drama in the most surreal and honest way. In Blue Jasmine, he once again delivered a decent dark comedy film by choosing a socialite as the central character. Jasmine is not supposed to be nice nor funny but she is likeable. Her narcissistic persona and her self-centered manner will definitely make you laugh or not at least you will smile.

Playing the titular role is the talented Cate Blanchett who showed the perfect amount of crazy and sympathy in her acting. Alec Baldwin and Sally Hawkins are perfectly cast as Jasmine’s ex husband and poor sister; the interaction between them are at times hilarious. Bobby Cannavale and Louis C.K played Sally Hawkins’ suitor with certain amount of charms. My favourite scene is when Jasmine’s new beau, Dwight, found out about her lies and confronted her. What comes next is unexpected and equally funny.

If Breakfast at Tiffany’s meets The Great Gatsby and they have a baby, it will be Blue Jasmine. Don’t miss it!


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