Complilation: Four In One Award-Winning Movies

Two Overrated Movies. Two Pleasant Surprises. Find It Out.

12 Years a Slave

I wanted to see this movie so bad, it’s ridiculous. But since it’s not playing in the local cinema, I decided to watched it online.

First of all, I hate slavery like any other sane people. But, more than that I am actually interested in the topic. I have read many Wikipedia pages to prove that. So, imagine how excited (no pun) was I when I heard about the movie. Sadly, it’s a big let down. Why? I think 12 Years A Slave is too realistic to be called entertainment (it’s a movie isn’t it?). I know I know, don’t throw your bricks at me yet. I like Steve McQueen as a director, but the humanism he poured in the movie is too much to handle. It’s like watching a semi-documentary movie. The cast (Michael Fassbender and Lupita Nyong’o) did wonderful with exception of Chiwetel Ejiofor, who is stiff and tend to overact in some scenes. I am not saying you shouldn’t watch the movie by all means. I respect all the efforts the filmmaker and team put in the film and it is indeed a movie that needs to be made.. but watch it at your own risk.

Captain Philips

If you grew up in the 90s like I did, you have no choice but to love Tom Hanks. His movies are the entertainment I watch. Whether he is acting as a mentally unstable dude or he is writing e-mail to a blonde actress – Tom Hanks is the acting God among the men. He is the reason I fell in love with the art of cinema too. That being said, Captain Phillips is a total bogus flick. I like action films, I am choosy though, but I like them in general. I think Captain Phillips would be a smart-thriller movie, but instead, it’s nauseating and full of exaggerated scenes. I blame director Paul Greengrass for this error. The film is not a bad movie, but Oscar worthy is far-fetched, my friend. True that Tom Hanks’ acting in the last scene is magnificent, but hey! he is Tom Hanks. He can even gives a caliber performance if he ever plays a little blue mouse (why is it a blue mouse and not a white mouse? I don’t know. I want him to be a blue mouse).

American Hustle

Now this is a pleasant surprise. When I heard about the film I wasn’t completely sold. But, director David O. Russell again exceeds my expectation with American Hustle. The film have an average storyline truth be told, but the direction, cinematography, cast and overall film making techniques are all exemplary. Speaking about the cast, who knows Christian Bale will be good looking half bald and fat, huh? Or Amy Adams can sounds so sexy in British accent. We know Bradley Cooper and Jennifer Lawrence are both the young rising stars, so no need to gives them more praise than they already deserve. I might watch this flick again along the road. Give it a shot if you haven’t.

Dallas Buyers Club

I begin to like Matthew McCon after his amazing performance in Mud. He was flawless there – a reborn star as some called it. What about Dallas Buyers Club, then? If I am being really honest, some scenes were too long and some doesn’t even know where they are heading, but the reason it all sticks together is none other than Matthew McConaughey. He lost dozens of pounds, looks sick as hell but it was all worth it. He needs to win some award this year. Speaking of, I can’t forget our “actor turned musician turned actor again” Jared Leto who is equally outstanding playing our hero sidekick transvestite. Watch Dallas Buyers Club if you are in the mood to see some amazing performances.


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