Blue Velvet (1986) Movie Review

When crime noir meets weird…

On the way back from the hospital, Jeffry Beumont discovered severed human ear on the road and brought it to the police. Not satisfied with the answer he got, Jeffrey begins to do his own investigation that leads him to a beautiful older woman with a dangerous secret. Can Jeffrey solve the case? What fascinates me while watching Blue Velvet is the weirdness of the movie, I have never seen anything like this before. I was expecting to understand the movie but I got more confused as the time passes. Not saying that’s a bad experience, because I do ended up liking the movie. There are many scenes that is unexplainable to me. Like the one where Dorothy Vallens walked on the road naked or when Frank Booth wears oxygen mask to have sex? I don’t get it but not saying I am not intrigued. Blue Velvet is like a suspense novel you want to finish immediately. David Lynch understands how to hook someone without spoiling the fun. The cinematography, background score and direction are all well done with hint of crime noir and weirdness. My favourite scene is when Jeffrey sneaked up on Dorothy and ended up getting a blow job – what does this symbolizes? Maybe nothing.

Don’t watch Blue Velvet to understand the movie’s point. Appreciate its art and experience new way of movie watching.


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