TV Review: American Horror Story: Coven

What is BitchCraft?

You might have heard the third season is about a coven of witches. Wait, have I told you that they are all in New Orleans? yes they are. They also have two sides of witches: the white and black witches. All witches have different powers, some better than the other. Some even can talk to the Devil himself. Oh, they also have the Supreme, which is basically the highest of all witches. But, who will be the next supreme when the wicked Fiona Goode dies?

American Horror Story: Coven is probably the only television show with so many female characters. This time, Ryan Murphy brings back all of his muses: Jessica Lange, Sarah Paulson, Lily Rabe, Kathy Bates and Taissa Farmiga and he invites other kick-ass ladies to join the parade. My favorites are Angela Bassett who plays the voodoo queen and Gabourey Sidibe playing the human voodoo doll.

Although, I would like to say that all the characters are fun to watch (arguably Kathy Bates has the worst character this season), but there is a certain hit and miss with these ladies. Call it a media over-hyped or “Murphy’s confused theory of feminism”, American Horror Story: Coven is one strange season with many underdeveloped characters.

American Horror Story: Coven is surprisingly fill with many gore and unexpected blood-fest. More than that, the witches have weird friends and one creepy butler who plays with dolls. These characters are so fuc*** up that it will guarantee to mess with your brains. But that’s not it.

I enjoyed the beginning of this season too much, it was crazy. But towards the middle, I realized the series have swayed away from its original story and turned into something else entirely. There are a lot of mix and match storyline, which can be overcrowded at times. Like the Stevie Nicks story line, what is up with that seriously? I am not saying Ryan Murphy is a bad writer, but I’ve seen this “problems” with his other shows before. Although, it’s safe to say Ryan Murphy definitely steps up his game with American Horror Story series.

I think we all can agree that Jessica Lange is everyone’s guilty pleasure in American Horror Story. Right from the first season, I love her as the creepy neighbour and then as the creepy nun on Asylum. But, none of them hit the bull’s-eye as Fiona Goode – she is the epitome of bitch with class. I also enjoyed the supporting characters, especially Angela Bassett who seems to have fun as Marie Laveau. Taisa Farmiga and Emma Roberts did well as the younger actress, as well as Frances Conroy as the cuckoo Myrtle Snow and Evan Peters as the Frankenstine jock, Kyle Spencer.

American Horror Story is not a complete mess, the third installment is silly but entertaining.


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