Fatal Attraction (1987) Movie Review

One night stand no more…

Fatal Attraction is about a one night stand between a lawyer Dan Gallagher and a book editor Alex Forrest while his wife is out-of-town. Thinking she is a sane woman, Michael is satisfy with his action. Little did he know that Alex is the reincarnation of the goddess psycho herself who will turned his life upside down.

Fatal Attraction is nothing like I have in mind. I wasn’t too interested to watch the movie at first because of the 80s stigma, but I must say I am impressed. As a thriller, the movie doesn’t disappoint at all. Of course there are plot holes. Throughout watching, I wanted to scream at Dan for behaving like one fool idiot. I know the stereotype is that man thinks with his dick not with his brain, but by showing how eager Dan wanted to have one night stand gives the audience the impression that he is not happy with his marriage and that’s what I can’t understand. At the beginning, Dan seems happy with his career and family, what change?

I wouldn’t enjoy the movie if it wasn’t for Glenn Close. Her portrayal as Alex Frost is simply spine-chilling. Her eyes movement, facial expression, even her curly 80s hair gives me a good nightmare; only an outstanding actress can do that. Michael Douglas is pretty solid as well. His character is a tool, but is redeemed by Douglas’ acting.

I know many will pick the “Bunny Boiler” scene as their favourite. But, I enjoyed the scene when Dan storms into Alex’s apartment right after his wife got into a car accident. It was very intense and unexpected. Overall, I enjoyed Adrian Lyne’s direction. The weird sex scene at the beginning is the perfect example to sums up my thought of the movie – weirdly entertaining.

Fatal Attraction definitely exceeds my expectation for 80s thriller.

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3 thoughts on “Fatal Attraction (1987) Movie Review

  1. thycriticman

    Sounds like a good film, with some minor flaws in character development. The lead sound unlikable, which is never a good thing. Glad that it turned out better than anticipated.

  2. 13mesh

    I think the lead are supposed to be unlikeable for the sake of the movie ha ha. Yep, better than I expected, worth a shot. Thank you for stopping by, man.

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