The Lego Movie (2014) Movie Review

This is one animated hipster…

In the far away land there is a place called Lego city, where apartments, cars, workers and even cats are all made up of Lego. Our hero, Emmet is a construction worker got mistaken by a vigilante group “Piece of Resistance” as the special one. Together they embark on a surreal yet fun adventure to save their land from an evil businessman named Lord Business. The Lego Movie is beautiful in terms of colours and artistic department. The yellow pixels just looked real and not cartoonish as one would expect. Beside looking great, the movie is also funny. There are many puns and satires that made me laughed out loud. It isn’t too dry or sarcastic, it’s just simply ridiculous fun.

It’s hard for me usually to distinguish actors’ voice in animation but The Lego Movie is an exception. I love Chris Pratt’s work as Emmet, he sounds like he had a fun time. Will Arnett as Batman is another favourite. I also recognized Liam Neeson, Elizabeth Banks, Morgan Freeman and Alison Brie’s voices. The characters are a bit mix and match at first but they actually pulled it off. Halfway through I don’t care why Wonder Woman is on the same scene as a unicorn-horned kitten, I was too entertained to notice. However, the biggest surprise in The Lego Movie is the philosophical element found in the character. The film has your usual animation formula, but it also succeeds on implementing existentialism to its plot: Emmet is not born a hero, he has the free will to become one. I might over-analyzed the Emmet character, but it’s still fun to watch a movie that makes you think. Bravo¬†Phil Lord and Christopher Miller!

My favourite scene is towards the end, when the Lego city is destroyed during the fight and our hero Emmet falls into a tornado-like dimension and ended up in a place no one expected. The Lego Movie is a wonderful addition to the animated films.


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