TV: Pilot Reviews #WinterEdition (2014)

New Shows. New hit. New Flop…

Do you judge your TV shows from its pilot?? Well, me too!

True Detective

Is this the hottest piece on TV nowadays? True Detective is HBO’s latest offer for murder mystery lovers out there. Frankly, I was not really anticipating the show since I have watch plenty murder mystery shows and let’s be honest all of them follow the same formula. True Detective pilots had some good moments but overall I didn’t like it. Once Matthew McCon‘s mysterious charm fades and Woody Harrelson‘s tough cop persona disappear, I was not interested to watch the second episode. The show’s slow building tension and flash back direction are repetitive and I have seen it plenty of times. And what’s Michelle Monaghan role here exactly? I would be mad if she doesn’t turn out to be the killer. Wait, don’t steal the idea.

Better pilots than True Detective: The Killing, The Following The Fall (I forgot about this gem, my bad) or Hannibal. Pick your choice.


Cool poster. Bad pilot.

I wasn’t sure what I was watching during the two back-to-back episodes of Helix. In general, I like science fiction and medical drama and Helix promised to combine the two but it failed. Billy Campbell played a scientist character in CDC named Alan Farragut who is trapped in the Arctic with his ex-wife and possible love interest assistant to research about an outbreak. The show writers hope to hooked the viewers with this situation but I wasn’t interested. The crisis is also very cliche and in the end we found out that Alan’s brother is a zombie who killed many people. What happened? We don’t care.

Better pilots than Helix: The Walking Dead or Fringe

The After

Now this is a pleasant surprise! The After is a supernatural/sci-fi show created by X-Files creator Chris Carter. There is only the pilot for now, but I am hoping Amazon will pick it up. The After tells the story of eight strangers who are trapped together when an unknown apocalypse strikes. The show have elements of supernatural, religion and fantasy, which worked out pretty great. The direction is fast pace and the familiar actors were perfectly cast. Oh, and don’t tell me you are not intrigued by the ending.

Similar pilots like The After: French series Les Revenants or Supernatural

Star Crossed

I have avoided CW’s Vampire Diaries and 90210s, because obviously those shows are just plain dumb and why should I bother. But I watched Star Crossed for its lead stars: Aimee Teegarden and Matt Lanter. The synopsis also sound intriguing “new alien race comes to earth but means no harm. How’s the verdict? Star Crossed is your typical CW show with good-looking people, love story, friendship and family jumbled up into one. If this sound like your thing then Star Crossed might be your new favourite show.

Better pilots than Star Crossed: Do I really have to say it? ROSWELL, DUH!!!


I am looking forward see Josh Holloway in the lead star with Meghan Ory. Plus the plot about your next-level superhero sounds alright. Intelligence has a promising premise and good cast but the pilot was too commercial. I think the audience deserves more than your usual junk. I don’t dislike Intelligence, but I am just tired of these same plot. Remember Almost Human?

Better pilots than Intelligence: Chuck and Continuum.


How do you apply as a sitcom writer? Seriously let me know because I think I can write better than Mixology’s writers. Heck, anyone can write better than these people. To cut it short, Mixology is a tasteless and tedious journey of unfunny and uninteresting characters at a bar. I don’t care about these people at all.

Better pilots than Mixology: Happy Endings (RIP), Community or Raising Hope.

About A Boy

Remember the show Bent which premiere last two years? Yeah, nobody does. David Walton was horrible in the show, but luckily he is better in About a Boy. Yes, if the show’s name sounds familiar it’s because About a Boy is the television version. I liked Hugh Grant’s movie, but this television version is not bad either. I really enjoyed its pilot episode and the characters’ interaction and thought it deserves more viewers. Go ahead, trust my opinion.

Similar pilots like About A Boy: Suburgatory

Note: TV pilots not included because I have better things to do: Bitten, Rake, The Asset, Enlisted, Mind Games.

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19 thoughts on “TV: Pilot Reviews #WinterEdition (2014)

  1. mikeyb @ screenkicker

    I disagree about True Detective. The show isn’t about the killer, its about the cops and how the case affects them. McConaughey is fantastic in it. Its in a different class to The Following. I love these list, can’t wait for more 🙂

  2. 13mesh

    Hi Mikey, thank you for dropping by. I actually never think of it that way, nice to know. I am watching the 3rd episode of True Detective right now and I’ve noticed a change in the direction, which is a good sign. I guess I am not a fan of the pilot episode 😀 And I know putting down The Following next to True Detective is gonna bite me in the ass lol. Are you excited to see the final episode next week?


  3. caragale

    Oh man! I’m with Mikey–True Detective is great! But last night’s Hannibal premiere was really awesome, too. Can’t speak on The Killing because I haven’t seen any of it. As for The Following, I tried it once, but I couldn’t really get into it. I’m curious about The After, but all the rest…meh. Have a feeling they’re not my thing. I’m just waiting for Game of Thrones to kick off in April. 😀 Nice post!

  4. sidekickreviews

    Good write up! I happened to have watched True Detective pilot last night around 3am and was half asleep but I liked it. It side steps the trappings of a typical cop procedural show. But I wasn’t blown away or anything. I like the description of The After, that’s probably the one that catches my attention the most amoung the other new shows.

  5. 13mesh

    I haven’t seen Hannibal’s second season but based on your review it seems awesome. The Killing is pretty rad, I liked it and same goes with The After. And OMG! I am anxiously waiting for Game of Thrones too. April seems so far away ha ha.

    Thank you for stopping by, Cara. My 2014 resolution is to stop watching bad shows, I have my fair share of television for now 😀

  6. 13mesh

    Ahh good to have someone with me on this one ha ha. True Detective gets better in the second episode and by the third episode (which I saw last night) seems to have a different pace and direction. The After seems to be the winner in this post, you should really give it a try. I hope Amazon releases its second episode soon.

    Thank you for stopping by 🙂

  7. caragale

    Ahaha. That, sir, is a good resolution. That’s what I did–gave up on Once Upon a Time in Wonderland (which I’m not even sure why I started) and The Tomorrow People. I hear the latter has gotten better, but I’m still not sold…

  8. 13mesh

    I saw the pilot of Wonderland and was horrified by how bad the series is. I do watch Tomorrow People every now and then and thought it’s starting to get better compared to the first few episodes 🙂

  9. caragale

    I wanted to give Wonderland a try just for Michael Socha, and I stuck with it for awhile mostly because of him, but after a few episodes…I just couldn’t. Haha. I may try to return to The Tomorrow People someday, but I’ve got too many other awesome shows to watch in the meantime. Not a bad problem to have, I think. 🙂

  10. snapcracklewatch

    I like what you said about Mixology and About a Boy… they sound so dumb!!! I doubt they will last… Mixology is like wanna be Friends at a bar… hahaha

    Do you like Hannibal?

  11. 13mesh

    Haha sounds right. No series can beat Friends and I hope they stop making stupid shows already, such a waste of time and talent. I actually like About a boy, maybe you would like it too.

    I do watch Hannibal, but sometime it’s too slow that I ended up sleeping on the couch lol. Do you like Hannibal so far?

  12. snapcracklewatch

    The only show I can think of that resembles Friends and came even a tad close was Happy Endings… did you ever see it? So sad it is gone.

    I am liking Hannibal so far. I can see what you are saying, it does tend to drag at points, but so far so good. Mads Mikkelsen in my opinion really makes the show !

  13. 13mesh

    Ahh Happy Endings. Yes, I did see that show and am still pissed because they canceled it. I also like Community and Raising Hope. But, those shows have their ups and downs. Again, nothing like Friends 🙂

    Mikkelsen and Hugh Dancy are good actors, I watch the show only for them. But yeah so far so good. I am still so far behind Breaking Bad, I am catching up on that for a while. Ha ha TV is ruining me.

  14. snapcracklewatch

    I am glad you liked Happy Endings I was like ohhh that can go both ways, he either loved it or hated it.

    Community is good too! I have never seen Raising Hope but lots of people say it is good I have to check it out sometime.

    Yes they really make the show, I don’t think I would put the effort into watching if they weren’t in it.

    OK you need to stay in and watch Breaking Bad, it is worth every second of your life. And it is not ruining you, you will feel better when it is over. LOL.

  15. 13mesh

    Hahaha I love quirky comedy and Happy Endings was as weird as it can get.

    Raising Hope is pretty funny, but this season is pretty blah, hope it will get better.

    LOL I take your words for it. I am already having Breaking Bad overdose, I take that as a good sign.

    Glad to find another awesome TV enthusiast on here. Oh, if I haven’t said it, I love your blog!

  16. snapcracklewatch

    Thank you! Me too, I have to admit I love my TV shows. I also have to thank the DVR which has helped me catch up on every dumb show out there, but seriously TV shows have really stepped up their game.

    Thank you, I am loving your blog too!

  17. 13mesh

    TV shows are entering a new era, you are right. I especially love the freedom of violence and gore on my TV screen. And the 13 episodes in one season helps too. Hahaha

  18. snapcracklewatch

    Seriously me too I admit it I like to watch crazy stuff happen on tv and really lately it pushes the envelope. I sometimes think, wow they are actually allowing that on tv!

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