TV: House of Cards Season 2 Review

They will stop at nothing…

House of Cards start out as a couple’s journey to exact revenge at those who betrayed them, but gradually changed in this second season to a quest for power. They will stop at nothing to reach their dreams and become the most powerful couple in America. The second season have more deaths, more betrayal and obviously more drama. The second season is better than the first, because as Frank said this season is all about “hunt or be hunted”.

While the first season’s highlight is between Zoe (Kate Mara) and Frank (Kevin Spacey), the second season plot is a little different. In the first season, I was torn between cheering for Zoe to unveiled Frank’s evil motives or to cheer for Frank’s cunning ways. Eventually we learned about the end of that game in this season’s first episode. The second season enemy is Raymond Tusk, a billionaire who supports the financial backup for the President of the United States. He is a much powerful character than Zoe and indirectly an equal threat to Frank. The second season also adds Jacqueline Sharp (Molly Parker) as another possible nemesis of Frank and I love her!

Aside from the new threats to Frank’s success, what I like the most in this second season is Claire Underwood. She is depicted as quiet and mysterious in the first season, but now her character evolved and we learned she is just equally cunning as her husband. She will shed tears when it’s necessary, but it doesn’t mean that she cares. I am in awe of Robin Wright, I think she is perfect as Claire. While Claire is becoming my favourite character in the show doesn’t mean I forgot about Frank Underwood. Kevin Spacey is still awesome and a brilliant actor. I love how he embodied Frank Underwood in full force.

I won’t give out spoilers for my fav moments, but someone is going to get thrown right in front of a train. Uncomfortable threesome will happen and a shocking interview revealing someone’s horrific past is going to rock your screen. The second season’s 13 episodes still keep up with its fast pace direction, political jargon and cliffhanger twists. Personally, I don’t think House of Cards will last for long because just how far cant the writers stretch the show’s plot? But, I am ready to be surprise!


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