#SarcasticEdition: Non-Stop (2014) Movie Review

Liam Neeson Is 61 Years Old And He Still Kick Ass…

Hey there, I just watched Non-Stop and thought the movie is so stupid that it’s undoubtedly fun. So, why not a sarcastic review?

I love Liam Neeson. I love him basically in anything. Oh and don’t forget about his amazing performance in Taken 1 and again Taken 2. I wonder why he did not get any nomination for that one? I am glad he chose to do action movies again. Like for real man, he is 61 and he can still kick some ass! In the movie he is Bill Marks, a burnout Air Marshal with heavy drinking problem. He is such a bad ass. He goes for smoke break every time he wants, but he does not drink though, he has self-control. I hope he goes to AA meeting once he landed. I also love how in control he is. He takes the lead immediately after he received random text demanding 150 million dollar, can you believe that much amount of money? He controls everyone. He tells what to do and where to go. He is not bossy tho, he just wants to save those people, it is his duty. Oh he also has no bullshit policy. Whenever people don’t listen to him or slightly argue with him, he just bang their face against the airplane seat and handcuff them. Phew, those guys are so lucky they had him on the plane.

Non-Stop is such a good thriller movie, let me tell you the story. Bill Marks got random texts asking for money in his mobile and he begins to search the passengers one by one. How can he not? EVERY ONE IS A SUSPECT HERE. But this is when things got interesting. Liam thought he can trace the bank account to show the bad guys, but instead his friend on the land said the bank account is on his name. Like wowza! But no worries guys, Liam knows his stuff.

Action movies are getting better every year. I mean earlier this year we got Pompeii, Robocop and other action movies I forgot. I enjoyed Non-Stop because the movie ain’t stupid, its super duper fun finding the culprit villain for 110 minutes. Don’t get me started on the action sequences! Do you know when you lower your plane towards 8000 feet above land, you will survive a ticking bomb? I just love the stuffs one can learn in this movie. The film also prove how creative movie writers can be. I mean do you know how rare this kind of script comes along? Also, I think director Jaume Collet-Serra is the perfect man for this flick. His directional is very professional, like all those close-up shot and shaky camera just adds more excitement. He knows what the audience wanted and he delivers just that. I am looking forward to watch his next movie.


Let me know what you think below!

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