TV: Pilot Reviews #WinterEdition (2014) Part II

New Hit. New Flops. Second Chapter…

I have covered most of the new TV pilots in 2014, but here are the rest. Do you judge your TV shows from its pilot?? Well, me too!


I don’t know about Resurrection until a few weeks back. I was hesitant to watch the show at first, why? Because I thought it’s the remake of the French hit supernatural show Les Revenants. After further research I discovered that Resurrection is based on an American novel, while Les Revenants is based on French movie. The interesting thing is both shows got the same plot. Imagine when your loved one’s return from the dead? The US version is not bad, they got some good actors in it and the pilot will definitely hooked you. But for now I will be sticking with the French version. Je suis désolé mes amis!

Better pilots Than Resurrection: Les Revenants.


After waiting impatiently to see how Cuaron & JJ Abrams will bring their magic to the small screen, I can say Believe’s pilot was fantastic! The pilot is fast-paced with good casts. The mystery surrounding a little girl with super power and a group who will go to any length to protect her identity sounds cliché, but with the above formula, I’d say all is good with this one. I don’t know how the rest episodes will do, or whether the series will get picked up but Believe definitely catch my attention.

Similar pilots like Believe: Touch.

Cosmos: A Spacetime Odyssey

I never watch the original show with Carl Segan but since I am interested in science I gave this one a try. And to be honest, the pilot blew my mind. The pilot feature Big Bang theory with great animations and strong narrative. Overall a very catchy episode. I look forward for future episodes.

Similar pilots like Cosmos: A Spacetime Odyssey: –

Getting On

Getting On is another remake of British TV. The show revolves around three elderly women who works at a hospital. The show is witty, raunchy and provides few dark humour. Saying that, however, I am not interested with the show. Been there and done that to me.

Better pilots than Getting On: Nurse Jackie

The 100

Based on a young adult novel, The 100 tells the story of a dystopian earth ruins by nuclear explosion. The few survivors on earth managed to live in a spaceship for years until the earth becomes liveable again. However, the spaceship only last for 97 years and the way out is to send 100 juvenile teenagers back to the new “radiated” earth for exploration. The pilot is half decent, albeit its cheese and cringe-worthy moment, and will attract younger generation to watch it. I am still in two minds about giving this a further view.

Similar pilots to The 100: Fox’s Terra Nova


7 thoughts on “TV: Pilot Reviews #WinterEdition (2014) Part II

  1. sidekickreviews

    If these shows generate some good buzz and positive reviews I’l probably check them out once they are on DVD. I did happen to watch the 100 pilot since it aired after Arrow and it was okay. It has a Lord Of The Flies type vibe which may have potential but I’m not sold some of the younger actors and I can’t say I’ll be checking in for episode 2. Good write up!

  2. 13mesh

    The younger actors were not that good ha ha. I am only watching Believe at the moment and sometimes Cosmos. Is Arrow good by the way?

  3. 13mesh

    I am watching Arrow at the moment. I have seen few episodes previously on TV, but you are right it got better after the 10 episodes or so. The show also reminds me of Smallville.

  4. snapcracklewatch

    I am watching Resurrection and so far I fear that it will go down the drain, I can just feel it. The story is starting to suck, as you mentioned storyline sounded promising, but not sure how long it will last. Je suis tres disappointed (could not remember how to say it in French!) haha.

    Omg so far Believe is good!! I stayed up till 1 am last night watching the pilot and I was rather surprised I thought it was going to suck. Now who knows if it will last or if it will stay good?!

    I hated Getting On, watched one episode “hated it.” Who cares about these people in this depressing place… boring yawn.

    100 the previews look interesting but good lord I am so over dystopian teenagers. Just let Hunger Games and Divergent be for crying out loud. 🙂 ok sorry for hogging your post with my thoughts!

  5. 13mesh

    First of all, thank you for watching all of these. At least I have someone to talk too regarding it haha.

    Resurrection’s pilot looked okay, but yeah I think it won’t stay that long. May I interest you in watching the French version instead? I really liked the first season.

    Believe does looks good right! I have watched three episodes so far. Although some scenes were pretty draggy, I hope to see it stay. Abrams and Cuaron are two big leagues, I am curious what they have in mind for this one.

    Thank you for saying this! Getting On is a prove that even HBO can produced something so boring lol.

    Ahh The 100.. CW needs to step up their game and get rid of dystopian teenager or vampire affair already. I hope they will improve next fall. I am looking forward to iZombie.

    PS: You can never hog my post. TV watchers need to stick together. I look forward to your next comment 🙂

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