Divergent (2014) Vs The Hunger Games?

Let the comparison begins…

Since everyone keeps on talking about Divergent VS Hunger Games, I might as well do the same thing.

Chicago Vs Panem

Setting is important in a movie. While The Hunger Games takes place in Panem, Divergent is set in the futuristic Chicago. After the war, the new society in Chicago live inside a compound divided into five different factions based on their characters. I like how author Veronica Roth divides the society like the old Indian caste system bordering with Greek fraternity. Sure The Hunger Games has its districts and divisions as well, but I must say Divergent’s grim-looking Chicago won me over compares to the over-the-top Capitol.

Supporting Characters Vs Supporting Characters

It’s hard not to bring the respective author’s for this one. I like Roth’s diversify characters, but it’s no where as spectacular as Collin’s characters. Let us start with the antagonist. I was actually rooting for Kate Winslet in the beginning, but boy her character sucks! She is no where as menacing or as manipulative as President Snow. Both actors were excellent of course, but the antagonist in Divergent is weak.

Next is the love interest. Divergent got no love triangle but again maybe that’s the problem? First of all, I am actually impressed by Theo James’ acting. The British heart-throb can act but his character as Four is pretty cliche compare to Peeta Mellark’s boyish personality and undying love for Katniss.

Coming Of Age Vs Rebellion

After the first 40 minutes, it’s clear to me that Divergent is a coming-of-age movie in a dystopian setting. I think both Katniss and Beatrice “grow up” in their respective series, but the movie Katniss is more mature and stronger compared to Tris. Maybe its Evan Daugherty and Vanessa Taylor’s weak writings to blame, because I enjoyed Tris in the book much much better.

Neil Burger Vs Gary Ross

For this I would say both directors did well. I do feel a slight “confusion” towards the end in the first Hunger Games film as well as in Divergent. However both Neil Burger and Gary Ross are senior directors and they excel in bringing Young Adult favourties to the big screen. Another plus point for Divergent is the better cinematography compares to the “shaky camera” in The Hunger Games.

Beatrice Prior Vs Katniss Everdeen

Let me say this first, I love female characters in action movies! But after careful thoughts and consideration, the movie’s Beatrice Prior come off as weak and fragile. I have read Divergent by Veronica Roth and thought the movie’s Beatrice is more whiny and flimsy. I won’t blame Shailene Woodley acting because this girl can act, but since this is a comparison review, Jennifer Lawrence is undoubtedly my YA favourite.


4 thoughts on “Divergent (2014) Vs The Hunger Games?

  1. snapcracklewatch

    Bravo well said… I love Jennifer Lawrence she can’t be beat right now… did you see her in American Hustle? I want to see Divergent my little sister and I also have these discussions. lol So I will let you know what I think once I see it. 🙂

  2. 13mesh

    I did see her in AH and find her quite funny there. Ahh yeah please do tell me, the movie ain’t bad but it is not Hunger Games lol

  3. CMrok93

    Good review. When it comes to something like this, I think it becomes apparently clear that, by now, YA novel adaptations need to stop happening. They’re just getting unoriginal, boring and terribly stale. However, they keep on making money, so what does my opinion matter!?!?

  4. 13mesh

    Thank you, Dan. I don’t despise YA that much though, some are cheesy but few are mildly entertaining. But I agree some adaptations don’t need to be made into movies.

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