Blade Runner (1982) Movie Review

Clones Also Need Love…

In the future, a blade runner is ordered to terminate four replicants who stole a spaceship and returned to Earth to find their creator. Can a burnt-out expert Blade Runner, Rick Deckard, catch them all?

The movie started out with a bang where a replicant shot dead a cop in the interrogation room, but later it turns out to be confusing. Yes, I do have a problem with “these” style of directing. I have seen it mostly in older films, where the director thinks it’s necessary to jumble up story line with nonsensical dialogue in order to appear smart and Blade Runner suffers from it too. Fortunately it doesn’t last long. After 30 minutes into the movie, I can finally relax and starts to enjoy the film. The theme of Blade Runner is futuristic and it sure does look that way. The film takes place in 2019 and I love how gritty and weird the setting is. The tall buildings carries product placement and it rains throughout the whole movie. But nothing, I mean nothing can beat the fashion and style in this film – plastic coat and weird hairstyles. Harrison Ford as Deckard is good but kind of stiff, maybe intentional? Where else I love Sean Young as Rachael, the experimental replicant.

In the end I actually enjoyed Blade Runner. I thought the movie is unique – started out as an action film but ended up as a thriller. It also makes you question the main character once the movie ends: we all agree that Deckard is also a replicant, right? Blade Runner might not be a classic sci-fi in my book but it’s definitely fun!


4 thoughts on “Blade Runner (1982) Movie Review

  1. 13mesh

    I think the first half an hour was poorly done, but it gets better afterwards. I’m not surprised you can’t watch it, I almost turn if off myself hahaha

  2. 13mesh

    LOL Zhora’s costume is the winner! Wouldn’t mind if that become the latest trend though 😉

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