March TV Recaps

Hi there, welcome to my first Monthly TV Recaps!

The idea of this post started after the lovely Melissa over at Snap Crackle Watch inspired (and persuade) me to start this trend on our blogs (you can catch her awesome March TV favorites here). But since I watch way too many shows and not all of them deliver good episodes on weekly basis, I decided to make some adjustments to it – Melissa, I hope you don’t mind 😉

Basically I am going to pick several TV shows and list down which one I still watch religiously and which one is getting on my nerves (to put it in simple words). Let’s get started!

The Walking Dead (Season 4)

The season 4 finale of the beloved zombie post-apocalypse just aired last week and the world went crazy afterwards. Who can blame us really? This season has been nothing if not awesome. Sure there are some hiccups here and there, and sure the bad dudes are less evil if you compare it to the bad-ass Governor in season 3. But with two deaths in the middle of the season and the finale episode leaving me both excited and anxious for Rick and the gang in the next season – The Walking Dead season 4 is still going strong people!

PS: If you want more thorough reviews on The Walking Dead, hop over to Sidekick Review and peruse his awesome weekly reviews!

Girls (Season 3)

I know I know, don’t get too shock will ya? First of all, Girls is not your typical girly show. Of course there are some girly aspects and occasional sex scenes here and there, but creator Lena Dunham managed to go beyond that. No matter what your gender or politic views are, if you are in your 20s, one way or another you are bound to know what these girls are facing. Bouncing from job to job, dealing with crazy friendship to maintaining relationship, Girls season 3 comes off as one unconventional TV show. My favourite episode is when Hanna deals with the death of her boss and grandmother in the most bizarre way possible. She is one weird woman I give you that.

Arrow (Season 2)

After Smallville ended years ago I thought superhero TV shows will disappear with it, but thankfully it doesn’t. I might sound too geekish when it comes to Green Arrow, but so what? After my curiosity get the best of me, I started binge-watching Arrow season 1 to season 2 in two weeks and it was fucking awesome! This season is still going strong for Oliver Queen and the gang. From new villain, new sidekick, to new complications, our vigilante has more problems than he can handle. I have recommended this show to few of my buddies and guess what? They are hooked!

2 Broke Girls (Season 3)

Caroline Channing was a rich girl before her dad got locked up in jail. She befriended Max, a punk-ass waitress slash baker at a diner where she work as a waiter in Brooklyn. These two girls don’t share anything in common except they are both BROKE. Actress Kat Dennings has always been my favourite because she is funny and damn sexy and when you paired her up with Beth Behrs, you got yourself one fine raunchy comedy show. I know there are many good sitcoms out there like Modern Family, Community, Parks & Rec or even Two and Half Man (if you like bad humour), but 2 Broke Girls is not far behind. Each episode has always made me laugh and for that I am grateful. Oh, watch out for the St. Patrick’s Day episode in season 3!

The Tomorrow People (Season 1)

The Tomorrow People tells the story of young teenagers with super powers and if that sounds mundane to your ears I can’t blame you. Beside why would you care to see this junk when the over-hyped Agents of SHIELD is playing on your telly? Let’s see if we can change your mind. Personally I think The Tomorrow People has the right ingredients of a good TV show. They have got attractive casts (of course this is important for both genders), a fast pace directing, good character development, as well as good action scenes. Plus the show can also be heartwarming and funny at times, which reminds me of Buffy meet Heroes in a good way.

MARVEL’s Agents of Shield (Season 1)

Don’t you just love I put this one right below The Tomorrow People? Yes, I am that funny. First of all, I have high hopes for this show and after watching last night’s episode I must say I am in two minds. But that’s the hard part, after 16 episodes of ups and down, I can’t easily sway my vote. Let’s start from the beginning, Agents of Shield is Marvel’s big-budget live action show created by Jed Whedon. The first five episodes hooked me up pretty good, but afterwards the storyline seems to be going no where. I understand maybe this is intentional because they need to wait for the big twist from Captain America movie which just released last week. Sure, that’s good marketing gimmick. But if they expect people like me, who has given up hope on this show, to be a loyal fan after one episode… they haven’t done their homework right. I also like to point out some of the actors can get on my nerves as well, let’s say Agent Coulson and Agent Ward? Good thing Skye and the duo scientist are there to lighten up the bad acting. Marvel or not, a weak show is weak.

My Mad Fat Diary (Season 2)

Ah another awesome British show about non privilege teenagers. I started watching My Mad Fat Diary a year ago and thought it was really good. Come the second season this year, I begin to love this show even more. First, I like the show’s no-bullshit plot about a young girl who suffers from mental illness and body appearance. These issues are real and they handled it pretty well. There is no sugar-coating or “try to lighten up the room” episodes in this one. Another cool point is the setting which takes place in the 90s before cell phones and social networks infecting the teenagers’ mind and transforming them into complete morons. Too cool to miss!

How I Met Your Mother (Season 9)

I wasn’t going to include HIMYM here, but after its tumultuous finale episode, I guess what the heck? After long nine seasons of Ted and the gang going over serious, funny, heartwarming and mind-numbing boring journey, the series ended up with a bang. Sure it was a good twist (keep on telling yourself that HIMYM writers), but it indirectly changed the fans’ reaction towards the show. I don’t know which finale is worst between this and Lost. At least with Lost, I kinda knew they are all dead, but HIMYM’s season 9 is one tricky bitch. From dragging the wedding episodes all the way to one whole season and dumping it on the side road at the end, I must say I felt cheated. But again, I am glad all of the actors got to be huge stars after this show. They all deserved it.

I hope you had fun reading and see you next month! 🙂

7 thoughts on “March TV Recaps

  1. snapcracklewatch

    Very cool!!! I agree Walking Dead was sort of blah this season, but shoot compared to so many other shows this show still has me hooked. I don’t care what anyone says (even my own bitch sessions) I still love it. I heart Daryl Dixon.

    Girls…this season was disappointing to me. Honestly I still have 6 episodes left to watch, so hopefully it got better. But regardless I will continue to watch and Hannah is just to cray not watch, she is loveable yet so friggin weird.

    I keep hearing Arrow is so good! I need to check it out. Broke Girls.. I couldn’t get into it and now I am just too behind. Marvel’s Agents… omg I hate this show! I watched the first few because my husband recorded them and then I couldn’t watch anymore. I think it had potential and it failed… poor superheroes.

    OMG I loved LOVED Mad Fat Diary, I am going to do a review soon too, I just binge watched it in 2 days. HIMYM jesus! You know that pissed me off. I agree worst then Lost! Good job glad you posted this… I love me some tv reviews. 🙂

  2. 13mesh

    Hahaha thank you! I agree with Hannah, she is just way too cray cray (Can’t believe I used this word lol). I feel bad bashing Agents of Shield, but well no more sugar-coating. And yay for Mad Fat Diary! At last I know someone who watches the show; I really dig British series. Looking forward to your review 🙂

  3. 13mesh

    Lol true that. I think you will dig Orphan Black (but it’s Canadian), plus the second season is coming out soon! You do watch Sherlock too, right?

  4. thycriticman

    Agree about Agents! I could not get through five episodes of it! However, Arrow is a personal favorite of mine despite its multiple shortcomings! I love Deathstroke!

  5. 13mesh

    Arrow is bloody brilliant, isn’t it? Have you seen its latest episode? My mind was blown!

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