April TV Recaps

Welcome to my second post on monthly TV recaps! It’s pretty crazy how one month passed so quickly, but worry not, I watched tons of TV and movies along with it. Well mostly TV. Alright, here we go.

Game of Thrones (Season 4)

I promised myself last year to read the God damn book, but I haven’t and hopefully this year I will! Anyways, back to the epic TV show. With the bloody and game-changing ending season 3 has, I was hoping there will be no more surprises in the new season, but boy was I wrong! The first episode, which premiered last month, started out slow but sure – I just know something bad is on its way. Come the second episode a.k.a “the purple wedding” (weddings, I tell you!), the fans were left aghast with another scarlet twist. However the “kill” was less sad this time, instead I remember cheering for the character to die; such is the magnetism Game of Thrones have on its fans. If you haven’t read the thousand pages book like me, don’t worry just get on with the TV show already!

PS: Khaleesi is my favourite character, ever. Long live the Mother of Dragon!

Mad Men (Season 7)

I confessed, I spent almost half of April “catching up” with Mad Men. I started watching the show about a year and half ago on DVDs and got hooked right instantly. How so? First of all, I love the 60s! True the era is pretty grim and backward at times, but the frustration and desperation is equally matched with its own style and sex appeal; and Mad Men portray them fittingly. None of the characters are good here. They can get on your nerves most of the time. But they are suave and sexy too! They cheated, they drink A LOT and smoke all day long, while trying to get away from their past. Mad Men is a character study, a thesis if you will, by Matthew Weiner. Each episode brings a new piece to the confusing decade. And here we are at the end of the show, Season 7, premiered last month, opened with Don Draper frustrated of having no job. Meanwhile, his “friends” at the ad agency are doing pretty well. The finale season promises lots of drama, heartbreak and twist coming along the way. Will Don survives in the new and improved agency? Will Betty finds redemption with her daughter? Or will Megan get murdered like the internet has predicted? Tune in and let’s find out.

The Goldbergs (Season 1)

OMG! Okay, I need to calm down. I actually watched The Goldbergs pilot and thought it was mediocre. But the show caught my interest again after seeing its advertisement on social media sites and I was glad I checked it out. The Goldbergs is a rare gem of a sitcom. It tells the story of the Goldbergs family in the 80s as narrated by its youngest son, Adam, who captured it through his video camera. The show is sweet, loud and laugh-out-loud funny. The first two episodes were weak in my opinion, but come the third episode, I was hooked with its nostalgic parody and 80s punny scenario. Currently, I am still catching up with the rest of the episodes and let me tell you this, ABC sure hits the jackpot with this one and they better not screwed it up! If you are tired of TBBT or Modern Family and in need of some ole’ good comedy show, check this one out.

Raising Hope (Season 4)

I need to include Raising Hope on my April recap. I have been an avid fan since the first season and has continued to promote the show because of its quirky comedy; who doesn’t love them, right? Unfortunately, Raising Hope got canceled few months ago after its fourth season and I am not that surprised. Despite the golden three seasons, the fourth season is kinda lame. I hate when that happens, but hey! what you gotta do? Telling the story of a white-trash family in a small town in USA, Raising Hope has provided some of the best gags I have seen on TV and for that it’s worth the mention.

Parks and Recreation (Season 6)

I was sure by this year one of my favourite comedy shows will be canceled and I was leaning towards Parks and Recreation at first! Let me explain, Parks and Rec is no where a bad show, but it has seen its high and low (hint: season 5), and with the upcoming sitcoms just waiting down the block, I thought this one will bite the dust. Parks and Rec decided to bounce back with its sixth season! Each week the episodes just got better, which is surprising because two of the main characters left mid way and yet the show succeeded in delivering their best season till date. Amy Poehler, who plays our main Park and Rec lady has overcome some serious business and this season paid all of her hard work. The series is renewed for 7th season and I just can’t wait to see where it’s heading.

The Mindy Project (Season 2)

Another sitcom! The Mindy Project is a damn fighter. Written by the hilarious Mindy Kaling, the show focuses on her life and her fairy-tale feeble mind. The Mindy Project is the type of show that needs time to grow on you. Sure, it’s not as strong as its rival sitcom New Girl in gaining fans week after week, but I think it’s starting to find its root with the ongoing second season. Aside from Mindy Kaling’s whimsical penmanship, the show also has some of the best actors: Chris Messina as Mindy’s co-worker, Ike Barinholtz as the male nurse and Adam Pally as the new doctor in the practice – The Mindy Project has proven its merit for all the love the show is getting at the moment.

Breaking Bad (Season 1 – 5)

Yes, yes, yes… I am that late into the game. In my defense, I only became a TV nerd right about 2 years ago and with the amount of shows I haven’t got the chance to watch, Breaking Bad ended up last on my list. But, worry not, the five seasons journey was worth it. One of my buddy just started watching the show and complained it’s too slow and he is right. Although I don’t necessarily felt it, some of the episodes can feel obtuse. But if you managed to get past the two seasons of character building, then you are in for a ride! Playing our protagonist turn antagonist, Bryan Cranston has proven his talent with Walter White. You started out loving him but at the end, you might feel differently. For me, Walter White will always be a hero – he is the true underdog, ha!  Trust all the reviews you read because Breaking Bad is actually THAT good.

Supernatural (Season 9)

Wow have I been watching Supernatural for nine seasons now? The answer is yes, yes I did. Supernatural is one of the earliest series I watch and loved. If I am not mistaken, I started watching Supernatural on and off right after high school and all the way to college and my working period – I am bound to get a little biased about the show. After nine long seasons, the Winchester brothers have battle every creatures known to men. From the good ole’ Yellow-eyed Demon, Vampires, Leviathan to those God damn angels and devils, Supernatural has seen it all. Now in its ninth season, the show still has its moment. I don’t really tune in week after week anymore, but every time I did, I still enjoyed it. Now, let’s just hope the 10th season will be its last, because C’mon now, those brothers need a break already. Just get them to settle down, or die and live in heaven.

Parenthood (Season 5)

I come from a family who love movies and TV shows, so it’s not that peculiar if I enjoyed watching Parenthood (this make sense, right?). Actually, this is my lil’ sister favourite show and I always watch it with her. We always debated whether Max actually is annoying or not, or whether the mishap between Julia and Joel this season is entirely necessary, oh and what about Sarah and the Ray Romano huh?  – those are the little stuffs that I enjoyed from watching Parenthood. The fifth season is not “great” but it ain’t bad either, and if supposed the show is renewed, then the producer can count me in for another Braverman’s family adventure.


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  1. sidekickreviews

    I can’t get enough of Game Of Thrones … who’s getting married next? haha. I’ve mainly been watching The Goldbergs because it airs after Agents Of SHIELD but it’s actually pretty funny. Have you gotten into Orphan Black? it’s a pretty cool show and Season 2 started up in April. Great write up dude.

  2. 13mesh

    Hahaha weddings are the worst for this show (no pun intended). The Goldbergs is extremely funny and quite rare for nowdays sitcom. I do watch Orphan Black, I have to watch the second season soon. Is it going on good? I really like Tatiana Maslany.

    Thank you for stopping by! 🙂

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