Two In One: Classic Movies Review

Once Upon A Time In The West & City Lights

And the classic movies review continue! In this post, I am going to write for two very different movies: a Western and a Silent film. I chose these movies because it sits high on IMDB Top 250 chart – not really a reliable source for classic movies, but I gave it a chance.

Once Upon a Time in the West (1968)

If you have read my review on The Good, The Bad and The Ugly, you would have guessed I am not a big fan of the genre; and don’t worry this will be my last time watching those films. Anyways, Once Upon a Time in the West turned out more alive than I expected. Directed by TGTBATU director, Sergio Leone, this flick has a much bigger budget than the former, and it definitely shows. Script wise, the movie also have solid and concrete story. Not saying TGTBATU has a bad plot, I actually enjoyed the adventure theme, but the drama in Once Upon A Time in the West will be more appealing to the larger mass. Here we also have two sterling actors: Henry Fonda and Charles Bronson playing each other nemesis. I really like Bronson as Harmonica, our less-talk hero who seeks revenge and uphold justice along the way. Where else, Henry Fonda performed well as expected bad guy. The movie also featured Italian bombshell, Claudia Cardinale as the golden-heart prostitute who came to the old West and continue her dead fiance’s dream of building a train station (I am as confused as you are folks!). In short, the movie will never be in my favourite movies list, but as far as Western movie goes, this one has its own merit.

City Lights (1931)

This is my first time watching the legendary Charlie Chaplin; this is also my first time watching a silent film (I don’t think The Artist counts, right?). Regarded as a comedy gem, City Lights knows its way around the comical attributes. The script is simple: hopeless guy fall in love with a blind girl and got into trouble along the way – to put it mildly; and the movie deliver just that. Many regarded this as a romantic comedy and I think it kinda fits. The humour used in the film is silly but not exaggerated. Charlie Chaplin sure can get on your nerves at few scenes, but you can’t help but laughed at his amusing tricks and physical comedy. The film also stands as a pioneer in the genre, because indirectly you will see some resemblances to our present day comedy flicks. Throughout watching City Lights, I felt as if I am watching a Tom and Jerry cartoon combines with Mr Bean amusing segment mixes with other movies.