Godzilla (2014) Movie Review

The humans ruined the movie

The movie opens with two American physicists, a husband and wife, who works at a nuclear plant in remote area Japan. Why are they there? We have no idea. The movie continues by showing us their morning routine and how the overworked father ignored his son’s attention – the usual Hollywood cliché. By now you already sense something bad are going to happen to either of them and you guessed right. Something terrible happened at the work place and the mother heroically died and made a dying wish to the husband to look after their only son. Fast forward 15 years later, we see the son now as a grown up soldier returning home to his wife and son. Where’s the father? Oh, he is still back in Japan, working on his conspiracy theory. He believed his wife was killed by some “fishy” accident and he is on a mission to prove it.

Within the first 10 minutes, I am already annoyed by the wife’s idiotic behaviour at the nuclear plant. I am pretty sure her death can be avoided, if she just runs a little bit faster to avoid the toxic gas which comes from under the earth. Next plot hole, we see the once lanky teenager now an EOD technician. I was wondering where is the back story or even connection with this movie’s characters. He went from a scared kid in Japan to an all grown-up soldier with a wife and kid!

Let us now move on to the King of Monster we all love. Yes, I love the portrayal of Godzilla in this film. By showing us only glimpse of Godzilla’s body swimming freely under the ocean to his full gargantuan form later on – Godzilla lived up to his monstrous hype and became the only reason I didn’t walk out of the movie theatre.

Director Gareth Edwards’ effort on revamping the beloved monster after the disastrous 90’s movie hit the jackpot, but sadly he missed on the characters development. I don’t know whether it’s intentional so that the audience doesn’t care about the human characters or this is just plain bad writing. Bottom line, I hate every characters in the film and I wish I could have seen more of Godzilla instead. Another cool aspect Mr Edwards was kind enough to pay extra attention to is the technical stuff. I love the Godzilla’s details and the bleak and dark atmosphere of San Francisco as well as the amazing sound effect and the spectacular cinematography – if you think Pacific Rim takes the prize for best technical movie, wait till you see the final battle in this one. However, I was kinda amused by the weird-looking MUTO – the flying birds looked more of a spaceship than pairs of radioactive mutants.

The cast… I HATE THE FACT BRYAN CRANSTON IS NOT EVEN THE MAIN ACTOR. I MEAN TALK ABOUT FALSE ADVERTISING, WARNER BROSS!! Moreover, I couldn’t take Aaron Taylor-Johnson seriously anymore. His horrendous acting in this movie should earn him worst actor award of 2014. Meanwhile, Elizabeth Olsen tried her best to “act” given how one-dimensional her character is. Oh and Juliette Binoche, I love you in French movies, but I don’t think your character is as important as you believe.


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