TV: The Good Wife Season 2 Review

The not so good wife…

The above poster stated “don’t let the name fool you” and I agree. To begin with, the season starts where S1 left off: Alicia at Peter’s campaign and Will trying to contact her and profess his love. But Eli sabotage the scene and Alicia have no clue what happened. While on the other side, Will and Diane welcome a third party (played by Michael Ealy) for partnership deal at the law firm. Little do they know he is not as dashing as he appears to be.

The second season is relatively strong in my opinion. I am amazed by how each cases never failed to intrigued me (and believe me it’s hard to get my attention). For examples: a female masseuse might or might not be raped by a Nobel Prize winner; Miranda Cosgrove’s guest-stared as a troubled teen pop star; Serial killer who wrote songs about his victims ended up with more than he bargain for. The turbulence of Peter campaign’s trial for State’s attorney is another fun segment to watch as two equally strong opponents: Glenn Childs and Wendy Scott-Carr are pitted against the adultery husband. Moreover, the internal drama at the law firm is enough to makes me wish I am working at Lockhart, Gardner.

Throughout this season the ‘Alicia’s parade’ still runs high and it’s not a bad thing. From finding clues on solving difficult cases, showing the humane side of a lawyer to withholding her love for Will and giving her marriage a second chance, Julianna Margulies gives another hearty performance as Alicia Florrick. Our sexy private investigator, Kalinda Sharma, got a major boost this season where she got into trouble with the new PA, Blake, who causes feud between her and Alicia. The duo dynamic law partners: Will Gardner and Diane Lockhart still maintain the firms owner with no major character development. The second season also sees several guest-stars: Michael J. Fox guest star as the cunning lawyer Louis Canning and America Ferrera stars as Peter’s opponent ex-nanny and Eli Gold’s crush.

After another solid season, the last episode ends on a calmer note: Alicia and Will in front of a hotel room staring at each other. Kalinda returns back to Lockhart and Gardner after a dramatic turns of event. Eli Gold offers his service to the law firm. Cary Agos keeps his job at the state’s attorney office under a new boss and Peter tearing a receipt, smiling contently while the camera faded to credits.

Favourite Episodes: VIP TreatmentBad GirlsBreaking UpNet WorthHam Sandwich & Killer Song


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