TV Premiere: SyFy’s Dominion Review

Black Wings, White Wings…

It seems angels and its counterpart Lucifer are making its return on TV. Based on the characters of the motion-picture Legion (2010), Syfy’s new show Dominion is set after the war between the angels to save humankind.

Fast forward to 25 A.E (After Extermination), the pilot episode takes place at Vega (short for Vegas), a post-apocalypse shelter for our kinds with tall buildings and Times Square billboard-alike. There we meet Alex Lennon, a blond and righteous young solider who works for the Arcangel corps. At the beginning, we find Alex outside of Vega where after a short dog-chase scene with three fallen angels, Alex managed to escaped and killed the two out of three.

Now, don’t think Alex is a free man who can go in and out of Vega as he pleased. When archangel Michael (tall, scary eyes, while male) heard the news he whipped Alex for not following orders. Whose orders? Michael might be an archangel, but Vega is control by human government. The survivor city is ruled by sort of military government: Edward Riesen (Vega’s General or should I say the president?) and David Whele (Vega’s cunning Senator).

The pilot unfolds many sub-plots, which includes forbidden romance between Alex and Claire Riesen (yes, the General’s daughter), tension between the two military figures (Edward and David) who put power before survival and the looming danger of fallen angels army lead by archangel Gabriel (who I don’t remember seeing in the pilot). What does Gabriel wants? Simple, he wants to possessed mankind. Not in a good way by the way.

Since God is missing (written at the beginning), the citizen of Vega believes in “The One” i.e. the chosen baby boy saved by Michael at the end of Legion. Where is he now? Only Michael and Alex know. Yes, our rebel soldier is “The One” which was unveiled at the end of the episode.

Dominion’s pilot is 90-minute long and supported by cliché story line and obvious dialogues, but thankfully it’s no where as dull as expected. Sure, the first half I was busy catching up with ‘who is who’, but the second half was better. The lead character Alex Lennon (played by another Australian actor Christopher Egan) lead the show with confident good looks and performance. Alex’s rebel nature to move and starts a new life with Claire sounds recycled, but it’s tolerable by his new-found role as The One. Anthony Head and Alan Dale played the high-strung commanders of Vega and both performed alright. I like Alan Dale, but I love Anthony Head as Giles in Buffy The Vampire Slayer and it’s hard to digest him playing mean old guy yet again (hint: Merlin. Ugh!).

While I disdain Syfy’s other so-called hit show Defiance for its mediocre narrative, Dominion on the other hand looks like a better choice. Obviously, both shows are not for serious viewers, but hey! have you seen those Angel’s wings?

Note: I will be reviewing future episodes on my “Monday TV Recaps”. Stay tuned!

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One thought on “TV Premiere: SyFy’s Dominion Review

  1. thycriticman

    Whoa! Wicked to see Buffy The Vampire Slayer characters show up in this! I’ll wait to start watching it but glad that it has not become dull yet! Will keep an eye out for your continued reviews to see if it is worth the future look!

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