TV Premiere: TNT’s The Last Ship Review

More like a sunken ship…

With names like Michael Bay (Transformers), Hank Steinberg (Without A Trace) and Steve Kane (The Closer) as the show runners, one can hope The Last Ship to have multitude of action and little conviction as our usual summer show fling; and apparently we are right.

Adapted from a novel with the same name, The Last Ship centers on the crew of missile destroyer USS Nathan James, who survives global pandemic by an unknown virus that killed half of the world’s population, mostly Asia and Africa. Seriously? Not fair guys!

Tom Chandler serves as the ship’s commander. He is tough, brave and wants to go home to his family after four months on a top-secret mission. What’s the mission? To escort specialist Dr. Rachel Scott to gather biological samples for her “research” purposes, as revealed in the middle of the episode.

Since now it’s up to the crew to work hand in hand and survives, also to let the pretty doctor finds a cure for humanity sake, the Nathan James’ gang have a lot of things to deal with in the upcoming episodes.

From the beginning,  The Last Ship is rendered with rich cinematic pleasure: Egypt’s pyramid, stunning cold Arctic and the sturdy navy ship sailing smoothly across the blue ocean. When the ship got unwanted missile attack from a mysterious Italian vessel, the camera swings swiftly as if it’s an action blockbuster movie. There is also a snowmobile/helicopter chase scenes for those who wants more.

Sadly those are the only things that caught my attention. Eric Dane and Rhona Mitra are both renowned actors and will make a good pair on TV. Even so, I doubt their star magnetism can drown the reused dialogues, transparent danger and tiring, lazy plot holes. If they are indeed the last ship, how will they ever survive the pandemic? And wouldn’t it better for the crew to go back to their family if the virus is airborne? Of course these are still arguable as we are only at the beginning. But in short, The Last Ship sounds better on paper than on small-screen.

Remember ABC’s The Last Resort? I was excited about that show because of the submarine plot. Of course, the once-promising series ended up in a ditch and got cancelled halfway through. However, part of me thinks The Last Resort would make a better show if they can switch their absurd premise with this show’s post-apocalyptic set-up. Now, who should I call to make this pitch?

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6 thoughts on “TV Premiere: TNT’s The Last Ship Review

  1. 13mesh

    Okay hold on, you work for the Navy?!! That sounds awesome (I hope). You have the coolest work place ever LOL

  2. snapcracklewatch

    HAHA No not cool at all! Naval contractor so we do work associated with the ships and the ports and I live in SD so we have a big portion of that here. I work in our corporate office, so I rarely get to see the ships, but on occasion I do and its pretty cool to actually see in person. 🙂

  3. 13mesh

    Ahh okay, now it’s quite understandable why you don’t want to watch a show about ship lol

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