TV: HBO’s True Blood Season 7 Premiere Review

This is the last bite…

Are you excited for True Blood season 7? The vampire-human-faerie-werewolves-witches residents of Bon Temps have gone through shocking tragedy, betrayal, love-hate relationship and uncountable amount of heavy sex in these past six years. After its season premiere, it’s clear there are few unresolved issues to handle before closing the chapter of Sookie Stackhouse’s drama forever.

After season six’s bloodbath madness, I found myself curious on what this season has left to offer. But first, let’s talk about the previous season’s blunder. I can put up with God Vampire story line and Bill being somewhat the reincarnation of Lilith (the Vampire Goddess). I even get myself to watch Warlow, the half faerie half vampire hybrid, having sex butt-naked with Sookie at their faerie magical garden. Oh and who can forget vampire camp and its all meaningless guinea pig experiment and mad scientists?

I would be insane if I didn’t think True Blood is better off cancelled than spinning its web of crazy even further.

The season premiere opens with imminent danger, where dozens of H-vampires attacked the good people of Bon Temps in the middle of their vampire-human mixer. With high numbers of casualty, Tara included (she is really dead), the friendly evening quickly turns into a waking nightmare.

Where else on the other side, Jessica stands firm with her decision to protect Andy’s daughter among the mayhem after last season’s guilt-trip. I have always loved Jessica since her debut and actress Deborah Ann Woll proves once again why she is actually the star of the show!

The rest of the episode follows Bill and Deputy Andy searching for Mrs Bellfleur and other civilians who were taken by the hyper vamps. And how about Sookie? Well, being her melodramatic self, Sookie is miffed after learning via her mind-reading power that everyone in Bon Temps blamed her for the mess they are in… and honestly, who can blame them? Sookie did give the residents piece of her mind before the episode finishes and once again there is still hope for our air-headed faerie.

The other sub-plots that catches my attention: Pam goes to Morocco seeking for her maker (they mean Eric, right?) and Lafayette hit it off with James, the Abercrombie & Fitch vamp who also happen to be Jessica’s guy. Oh boy. Pam’s relentless devotion to Eric is somewhat endearing and border-line creepy and yet she still has the best lines and you gotta love her for it: “Your God and my God can get a hotel room and have a circle jerk for all I care.”

I must say I was expecting a complex and grotesque blood-dripping episode, but then I realized True Blood has never been complex nor serious. Therefore, once the screen fade into credits and “Jesus Gonna Be Here” starts playing on the background, I said to myself it was a good and predictable premiere.

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2 thoughts on “TV: HBO’s True Blood Season 7 Premiere Review

  1. 13mesh

    So far still good I guess. I just wish Sookie can stop being a retard for once lol. Oh and Alcide died must made you mad I guess?

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