TV: TNT’s Falling Skies Season 4 Premiere Review

Falling In Between…

The idea of alien invasion on our planet has become sort of mundane routine for TV goers that it’s hard to put the word “original” next to it. When TNT’s Falling Skies made its debut three years ago, it surprisingly hooked the viewers with their big-budgeted CGI Aliens, its space ship and the peril of Mason’s and the 2nd mass (the 2nd Massachusetts Militia Regiment), which frankly is a good old-fashioned fun!

Falling Skies season 4 returned last week and unfortunately it didn’t return with a boom, maybe a twist, but definitely not a boom! If anything the earlier seasons have taught us is that aliens are strong and humans are weak. Unfortunately, the bad luck of us humans will not changed any time soon.

The episode opens with the 2nd mass returning to their home in Charleston; but before you send them that piece of pie for celebration, things are about to changed. They got attacked by dozens of new Espheni (the alien’s race) war machines and even though the 2nd mass fought hard, they ended up scattered all around the town, forcing them to face new danger and obstacles.

Four months later, we find Tom Mason and Captain Weaver as cell mates in an abandoned building guarded by the aliens. Tom eventually got out, wearing burka-like mask and sun-glasses, but he returned back to plan an attack. On the other side, Anne leads dozens of 2nd mass army to find their way back, as well as looking for Anne and Tom’s youngest daughter, Lexi.

Now, as much as I like Moon Bloodgood as Anne, she is not fooling anyone with the rough act. Anne is known as the delicate, nurturing doctor in the series and after four months she acts as a trained soldier? And where I should begin with Tom Mason? My once favourite Messiah has endured several idiotic plot-holes that it’s hard to take him seriously at the moment. Tips for Falling Skies writers: don’t push your luck!

Meanwhile, Hal and Pope ended up in the same district and still have clash of interest as always. Next comes the big twist of the season premiere: after the blast, Ben wakes up at a Nazi-like children camp lead by a white-haired teenager hybrid, Lexi.

Surprise surprise! No, Khaleesi from Game of Thrones didn’t guest-star in this episode. The Nazi camp, located in Chinatown, supposedly serves as a haven where there are no alien invasion. The sanctuary also aims to brainwashed young children into obeying the extra-terrestrial and defying human! Despite the eerie resemblance Scarlett Byrne has with Khaleesi (read: the hair), this plot twist lies in between tacky and intriguing. If the writers execute it right, we might actually see the chance of humans fighting back by using the alien/human hybrid Lexi. No? Think about it.

By the end of last season, it’s hard to expect something “authentic” from Falling Skies. It seems, however, the show-runners wish to have a clean slate this time around. What adjectives should we choose: naive or daring?

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3 thoughts on “TV: TNT’s Falling Skies Season 4 Premiere Review

  1. 13mesh

    It’s good if you like aliens and sci-fi shows. The first two seasons were entertaining. Sadly this might be the end of it tho.

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