22 Jump Street Movie Review (2014)

They are the meta-buddies…

When you assumed the team behind 22 Jump Street movie is going to stop after this film, you better think again.

By the time the film fades into credits there is a long good one-minute gags on what Jenko and Schmidt’s future mission will be like with tons of guest-star cameos. They enrolled into ballet school, chef school and even flight academy (cameo by the sultry, Anna Farris). These hilarious gags alone are worth the mention that Phil Lord and Christopher Miller (Lego Movie & Cloudy with the Chance of Meatballs) do take their job seriously and are grateful for their former success.

22 Jump Street is undeniably funny, in aspect that it takes itself seriously than other comedy sequels (I am looking at you Hangovers). When Deputy Chief Hardy (played by the ever-hilarious Nick Offerman) first came on-screen, he deliberately told Jenko and Schmidt that no one ever thought they would succeed on their first mission. In a way, he is saying that no one ever believe that Channing Tatum and Jonah Hill would make a good pair in 21 Jump Street and delivered a knock-out results at the box office. The self-acknowledgement itself proves that the team behind this second-installment are aware of their good fortunes and in no way they will messed this one up.

The sole reason I had fun with 21 Jump Street is because of their goofy mission. Two underachieving cops goes undercover as students in high school to bust out a drug lord and stopped illegal drug activity. As standard as it sounds on paper, it worked perfectly on-screen. Taking the exact same formula, I was not surprised that 22 Jump Street takes place at yet another education facility: a local college.

While Jenko is obviously smitten by his new-found friend, Zook (played by newcomer Wyatt Russell) and their football team; Schmidt on the other hand falls in love. And not just with anyone, he fell for the boss’s daughter, Maya (played by Amber Stevens, who I knew from Greek and she is oh so beautiful!). The duo’s ride in college also includes discovering a new drug supplier and having tons of bromance in between.

Now, the term bromance is relatively new concept on the big screen, but the one that has been over-used for sometime now. Saying that, however, I don’t mind seeing the same theme yet again when the concept is well-planned, because let’s be honest, it never fails to deliver a good tickling-fun performance. For examples: while searching for their cases’ evidence at the college’s shrink office, Jenko and Scmidt got caught by the doctor who mistaken them as a gay couple. As they already feel irritated at each other, the “partner” ended up spilling their guts, pointing at each other’s mistakes in the relationship (picture below)

Even so, like other comedy sequels being forced to step out of their comfort zone, 22 Jump Street by no means stay clear from its blunder of comical slips. Some of the jokes felt forced and fall flat, for examples: Jenko running around the secret head quarter, hysterically laughing, while Schmidt is being verbally abused by his boss (played by Ice Cube) for sleeping with his daughter on the mission. Or the cameo from 21 Jump Street’s bad guys (Dave Franco and Rob Riggle) that appears unnecessary and frankly, weird. I know prison jokes are funny, but it’s 2014 guys!

We all love the bizarre yet awkwardly attractive pair of Channing Tatum and Jonah Hill in the first movie, and 22 Jump Street again put the burden on their shoulders. Sure that Tatum needs a good eye-cream for those wrinkles (dude is only 30!) and Jonah Hill needs to watch out for his comment on local TV, but this duo’s chemistry is right down effective and compelling. The cringe-worthy scene at the beach when Jenko and Schmidt said their apologies and confessed their “brotherly” love at each other perhaps will make you wince (which you shouldn’t, as pointed out by Jenko to the drug mule), but you just can’t help and smile at their silliness and hope the third movie is in production and will be releasing soon.

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2 thoughts on “22 Jump Street Movie Review (2014)

  1. snapcracklewatch

    I want to see this even though it looks stupid. lol. Yes Channing is getting wrinkly, awww, he’s still hot though, so we’ll let it slide. I love Jonah (I am on a first name basis lol). I love that he can make serious moves like Wolf on Wall St, yet he is not stuck up enough to just stick to serious roles. Very cool! Glad you liked it! Great review!

  2. 13mesh

    Hahaha it’s ridiculous, but it’s good fun. Channing really proves he has comical bones in him and I can take Jonah Hill seriously now. Hope you get to see it soon 🙂

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