TV Premiere: The Honourable Woman Pilot Review

This is Maggie’s show…

Everybody loves political thriller, but would they love another one of such?

BBC-produced The Honourable Woman is an eight-episode spy/political thriller mini series. The series starred Maggie Gyllenhaal as Nessa Stein, a firm and no-nonsense Anglo-Israeli CEO of an arm supplier company. After witnessing the gruesome murder of her Zionist father, Nessa grew up with ambition to make her father proud and thus expanding the company even wider.

After twenty-nine year, we see Nessa together with her family (her brother and his wife) at her new project’s inauguration. The new project aims to supply arms to laying data cabling networks between Israel and the West Bank. Despite her “honourable” effort, conflict arises when her Palestinian business partner is found dead and Nessa got herself caught in a political web between the never-ending dispute of both parties.

The idea of Hugo Blick’s mini series is not original, but it caught my attention. First, we have Maggie Gyllenhaal, who is one of the most underrated actress out there playing a complicated character with flawless British accent. Second, as any political/history buff, The Honourable Woman doesn’t sound too shabby for a mini series.

Just like other British shows, the pilot starts off slow, cautious and eventually engaging. I am not one who like slow yet arousing narrative, but The Honourable Woman was able to hold my attention. I want to know what happened to Nessa and her family’s mysterious secret. I am also intrigued by the Israel and Palestine’s conflict, in the sense that I am hoping to see the writers do justice to the characters and their background.

However, after watching the pilot episode I have few concerns. Why the peculiar title? The Honourable Woman sounds like a spy nun on a mission running from her convent (Sounds great right? contact me for more details!). Next, I understand the cliff hanger ending supposed to caught me off guard, but it didn’t. Can the show push the envelope and surprise us or would it take the same path as its political-thriller cliché predecessors?

The first episode ends with Nessa running around London barefoot and in a designer gown chasing after her nephew, Kasim, who got kidnapped by mysterious strangers on a motorcycle.

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