TV Premiere: Extant Pilot Review

Extant Pilot Review

Hey Space Berry!

We all love robots, we all love science fiction and we love the eternal mysterious thing called space – why not combine them altogether?

At a glimpse, CBS’ new summer show Extant might remind you of A.I (Artificial Intelligence) with its robotic kid who needs battery charge supply before he sleeps, or the smooth, expensive-looking touch screen set in the near future. However, the female astronaut is what differs the former Spielberg’s Hollywood movie who also produced this show.

Halle Berry returns to the small screen (she began her career on a sitcom called Living Dolls) as Molly Woods, an astronaut returning home after a year-long solo mission. Although the pilot didn’t clear up what was her mission exactly, we can dwell into it later. The important thing is Molly is back on Earth, trying to reconnect with her husband and their young Artificial Intelligence son, Ethan.

Sadly, the re-connection ceremony come to a halt for Molly when she found out she is pregnant.

Mickey Fisher’s pilot episode begins in a quite decent nod. I noticed the sharp, yet much-appreciated editing job at the beginning, which leads to a fast-pace, no drama, solid opening scene. Next, I found myself enjoying the flash back scenes that features Molly inside her humongous space ship, floating around minding her space business until she met her dead husband apparition, Marcus, which obviously makes the situation very very spooky.

Despite its minor plot hole, Extant succeed on planting mystery in its characters’ narrative that makes you want to tune in again for more. First, we have the pregnant Molly who may or may not having an alien baby. If that’s not worse, she doesn’t trust her A.I kid, as she feels he has “changed” since she was last on Earth… well okay.

Halle Berry is always a pleasant actress to watch and now we have the chance to see her each week being pretty while giving an adequately warm performance. Next, we have Molly’s husband, John (played by Goran Visnjic) who believes in his Artificial Intelligence son’s human nature. Of course, both story lines have the tendency to make viewers scream ‘been there, done that’ to their TV screen, but if it’s done right, who said they won’t enjoy it for one more time?

Extant ends its first episode with an even jarring cliffhanger, where Molly’s presumably dead space colleague showed up in her backyard asking her not to believe in anyone – as if she will, because we know there is no such thing as less conspiracy when Halle Berry decided to go up into space.


6 thoughts on “TV Premiere: Extant Pilot Review

  1. 13mesh

    It’s unexpectedly entertaining, that is if you like mystery shows and such. Thanks for the comment 🙂

  2. 13mesh

    Thanks for the comment! I think the second episode is pretty neat too. Some cliche, but Halle Berry is great at her role.

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