TV Review: Hemlock Grove Season 2 Premiere

When Netflix’s Hemlock Grove made its debut last year, it created a buzz. Not a loud buzz, but it was heard by underground TV goers. Last week marked the second season premiere of this Brian McGreevy-based on novel and Eli Roth-produced horror fiction.

When we last left the fictional town of Hemlock Grove, there were certain death, lost and supernatural identity revealed. The season 2 opens with Peter, our werewolf lead, having a nightmare somewhere outside the Grove. This take me a while to remember, but Peter do have premonitions ability in the first season. The nightmare involves a gruesome murder and a man with a white mask, which was done in adequate horror homage. Will the murder got revealed by the end of the episode? Nope, cause this serve as the central plot of the second season.

Moving on, Peter and his mother Linda attended a Gypsy’s funeral where things turn south. Linda got arrested after an unexpected raid by the police and leave Peter and his psychic cousin, Destiny, to get $20.000 lawyer’s fee for our beloved Linda’s case (played by the always fantastic Lili Taylor).

Not forgetting Roman Godfrey and his teen billionaire status, the episode shows Roman having a usual banter with his company’s leading scientist Dr Pryce. While the banter is going on, Roman has no idea that his mother, Olivia, is back from her death (after her tongue got chewed off by her son, yes!). She is being nursed back to health by Dr Pryce.

The season 2 premiere is unexpectedly full of surprises, because I have forgotten how weird, gross and gruesome Hemlock Grove can be. For instance, I was not expecting to see Roman eating blood filled leeches off an older man who he paid off to satisfy his demonic hunger. Nor was I anticipating to see Peter bloody werewolf transformation in front of the two drug sellers – proving the team behind the show do understand horror and its colourful props.

“Blood Pressure” doesn’t always offer gore and weird bits, it also takes its time to show us that beyond all the creepy surface, Hemlock centers on supernatural teens and their angst. There is a scene between Roman and his “friend” Peter when he asked him for money to pay his mother’s lawyer. The two leads interact really well and thus delivering a memorable scene yet again.

Speaking of the lead, actor Landon Liboiron and Bill Skarsgård deserve every praises on making the show interesting and honestly quite a guilty pleasure. These two balances good and evil in such a way that it’s fun to see whether they will fight, make out or eat each other in the future! Saying that, the main reason (and still is) I got into this show at first is because Famke Janssen name is listed on board. I don’t know about you guys, but I’ll follow Famke where ever she goes. Plus, playing a ruthless, sexy and monstrous Upir mother is always a welcome bonus!

The whole 10-episode of Hemlock Grove’s season 2 is out now on Netflix for your viewing pleasure. I am currently on episode 3 and will write its last episode review once I made it till the end! Till then, if you are a horror/supernatural fan do give this one a shot.


3 thoughts on “TV Review: Hemlock Grove Season 2 Premiere

  1. 13mesh

    I think you will like this one. I caught the first season by mistake and thought it was pretty decent. It’s not Vampire Diaries for sure (which I despise lol)

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