Dual TV Review: Married (FX) & Rush (USA)

And here I thought summer premiere has ended! Since these two series are relatively under the radar, I thought to mashed them up together to save space and my time.


As the title suggests, Married tells the story of Russ and Nina, a married couple who is facing mid-life crisis. In the first episode we see Russ wants to have sex with Nina, but she is tired after working and taking care of their three children. After a while Nina blurt out that Russ can have a fling of some kind if he feels like it since she prefer to read her vampire book more than having sex. Not knowing what to do, he consulted his two junkie friends, one of them (Jenny Slate) suggested him to get his ear wax to look more appealing. Little did Russ know that he meet his “fling” material at the very same salon and plan to start his so-called affair. But before that, Russ has to decide whether he can actually cheat on his wife.

Although Married shares the same, tiresome plot like other countless series out there, I must say that it’s nice to see Nat Faxon and Judy Greer again on television. However, after few interactions between the lead and good chuckles here and there, I find it hard to take this show seriously. First, Married is so self conscious about its plot, like why don’t Russ work or be a stay at home dad instead of hanging out with his two weirdo friends? And Nina feels too robotic in the pilot or that might be just Judy Greer being Judy Greer (which I love). Second, there is the joke issue. While I can deal with cheating spouses, crazy ear wax lady and even masturbation joke thrown in between, sadly all of them felt forced and fell flat on its face. It’s weird how hip network like FX and show creator Andrew Gurlan didn’t realize that American Pie gags serve as a nostalgic remarks for modern TV goers and not something that we want to see again.


Rush TV Review

If you ever wonder who is Bradley Cooper’s doppelgänger, then do tune in to see Rush. What I mean is I got a de ja vu while watching Tom Ellis (the show’s lead) in this pilot as he reminds me of Hollywood star Bradley Cooper! Okay, back to the plot.

USA-produced Rush centers on a private doctor whose clients are millionaires with off the book medical needs. Similar like Ray Donovan? I think so. However, Dr. William P. Rush is also a brilliant doctor who knows what he is doing and act quick in dangerous situations. He used to have a girl friend but due to his love for hard-core drugs she left him and reunited again in the pilot.

To begin with, Rush as a show is no where original nor it has a good title name. It deals with the same cliché narrative about a brilliant doctor who is also a drug user but yet still managed to save patients in time. It’s unethical and repulsive in my opinion, but people seems to like House, so who can blamed show creator Jonathan Levine to try it again?

Saying that, the new medical drama got one thing right: a good lead actor that is Tom Ellis. Despite his model-look, this guy can act as a jerk or as a good guy – lethal combo for a TV actor. I also like Odette Annable who played his ex girl friend. Talk about eye candy for both sexes, am I right? I think Rush is off to a good beginning and if the writers can cut out some of that old-hat television sub plots, it might as well stay and draw in new fans.

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2 thoughts on “Dual TV Review: Married (FX) & Rush (USA)

  1. snapcracklewatch

    Sorry I didn’t realize you had blogged about this, I am catching up on your stuff. Agree with you I like the actors on Married, I just wish it wasn’t so depressing.

  2. 13mesh

    Nat Faxon is hilarious on Ben and Kate. I knew him from that but yeah depressing is the right word to describe this one.

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