#InsideMyHeadReview: Dawn of the Planet of the Apes (2014)

I want to do something different in this review. Since I love Joyce’s and Palahniuk’s stream of consciousness writing style, I want to challenge myself and use it in a movie review. I don’t know if this write-up is stream of consciousness or just nonsense idiotic rambling, you guys decide. Oh and please make sure to watch the movie first.

Note: Beware of spoiler, curse words and your own sanity.

Dawn of the planet of the apes. Long name. Say it fast ten times. It’s starting. Viruses. Always the viruses. They live forever. Big ape’s eyes. one scary ape. Nice graphic. Reviews weren’t lying. Hooray. Monkey hunting deer. what for. Apes riding horses. chuckle.

Human alert. shot that poor ape. Bastard! Keri Russell and Jason Clarke. Who is he again. Keri looks nice for her age. hot damn. Focus. Caesar is loud. Good sound effect. Scary they can talk. They talked in sign language before. Evolution perhaps. How.

Dumb human leave the apes alone. Caesar’s wife sick. pregnant. OKAY. Gary Oldman. He doesn’t age. He is talking weird. He talks that way. Sirius Black. Apes come to human compound. Damn funny. Riot. Gary calm your people down. Human and fear. Predictable. Generate electricity. Dam in apes territory. Gary’s the bad guy. Or something. Are those two people leaving the cineplex?!

Caesar let the human in. Lovely. Other monkeys are mad. Kobe, Koba, Kobo? Whatever. Sleeping in a tent. Keri not the boy’s mother. No shit. I know the kid actor. He is weird-looking. Who is he. Think. Orang Utan sits outside the tent. I would have fainted.

Dam building looks dangerous. What happened there. Back story. Nada. Getting interesting. OMG baby monkey. CGI have come far. Avatar. No Caviar Carver no! Fuck. Double fuck. Annoying character in these films. Why. Awesome film. Keri treats Caeser’s wife. Used to work at CDC. Seen that one coming. She has no role here. Sad face. she is on a movie. Smiley face. Liked her in Felicity. Her hair is different. She has a new series. haven’t seen. IMDB her later.

Apes. Lots of apes. Headache. Koba seems nice. Caesar agrees with human. Was raised by one. Koba goes back to the city. Brave ape. Busted. Koba manipulates them humans. Hahaha. Holy shit. Bang bang. Which side are we. no sides. Hatred. Fear. stretch my legs.

Light at last! 7 Eleven? Oh music. Must Google this song. I am sure I know it. Apes again. Lots of them. Caesar king of apes. In awe of lights. No CAESAR! Fuck he is dead. Reminds me of Shakespeare stories. Or Animal Farm? need to get my literature right.

War between human and apes. Looks like it. Again riding the horses. Why can’t monkeys swing or run. faster right. getting weird. My eyes. Fire. Bomb. Action. Koba as the villain. Nice. halfway done. Let me check my phone. Not yet. 130 minutes. Rarara.

Monkey in jail. Pout. totalitarian. Ash don’t kill. No. Waitt. WHAT JUST HAPPENED. Ape killing another ape. movie is turning around. Don’t know. They found Caesar! He is alive! Praise Jesus! What time is it. Check my phone again.

Keri save Caesar. Where are they going. The house from the first movie. I remember. I missed James Franco. a prequel or sequel. forgot the plot. experiment on apes. Yes. Nice story. remember this scene. Young Caesar with Franco. That movie was awesome. should re-watch it. ASAP. This one taking too long. waiting for what. Another twist. perhaps.

Freida Pinto in the first movie. Where is she now. haven’t had a blog before. can compare them. Snap back. Still at war. Fight. Ape. Human. Horses. Fire. Ape. Human. Save them Blue Eyes. Gary Oldman with C4 bombs. Bonkers. His character. Underused. how about the other? Ssshhh. know what happen next. See ape fight. Kill Koba! Kill Koba! Nice effect. Look at those ruin buildings falling. Winner.

Made contact with another humans. That was fast. Movie is too long. Another ten minutes. yes! Saying goodbye. Sob. War isn’t over. Wait. Caesar has a point. must go on for third movie. Andy Serkis! He is amazeballs. Keri and Jason. Where will they go. Patience. Roaming around. Jungle. Bomb. movie ending. lights on. Feeling empty. Or am I hungry. Wonder if my buddy like it. Want to watch Deliver us from Evil. Horror. Fun. Those popcorn are salty.

PS: I had fun writing this post! *cross eye*


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