One Year Blog Anniversary: Before, During and After!

I was adamant that my one year blog anniversary falls on July 23. However, since WordPress kindly reminded me that my ‘blogiversary’ is in fact not on the following date, I have to accept defeat and write this post today.

Although I won’t lie, this doesn’t feel like my one year anniversary since I have only been active blogging from the beginning of the year. If you notice on the right side in the archive months, you will see that two months are missing from the list – that’s how reckless I am.

So Mesh, how has the blogging experience been so far? Well, I am glad you asked random stranger because this is where I am going to spill it all out! Okay maybe not all but it shall be enough.

Before WordPress

Before joining WordPress, I was a proud member of a social movie site called Flixster. I first registered when I was a freshman in college and loved it ever since. However, a couple of years ago Flixster was bought by Warner Bross and loses many of its members due to the site’s remodeling and that leaves me with no place to write my reviews. And since that ended, I have stopped writing reviews altogether and opted to rant about bad movies among my friends and family, or keeping them hostage if they refused to watch a good one. Feeling dissatisfied with that approach, I forced myself to create a blog after one of my co-workers suggested me to channel my movie-craze babble into one confined space.

First Time Blogging

It was like an awkward first date since I have no idea what to expect from this blogging shenanigans. I know what I want to write about, but have no clue to whom I am writing it for. In the end, I decided I should quit worrying and focus to write for myself. I wrote Pacific Rim as my first review and The Conjuring next because that movie scared the shit out of me.

But as I was working as a full-time magazine writer at the time, I can’t juggle between travelling to exotic lands, attending important events and writing Now You See Me movie review at the same time. I do however regret the possibilities of wasted good reviews since then and might write them down in the future.

What else? Oh at first I never bother to check my stats! Imagined how surprised I was when I accidentally hit the stats button and saw dozens of views coming from all over the world. Once I saw countries like Chad and Kazakhstan at the same time! I then realized the potential of blogging and how broad it truly is. I start writing more posts afterwards and even come across other bloggers! But before that, instead of rambling about the good parts of blogging, I want to share a thing or two about the challenges and why it takes a herculean effort to keep up with your blog.

Who would have thought blogging is a challenge, eh? First, I went through dozens of layout changes before settling with the current layout. I also went through a phase when I questioned myself with “why should I write movie reviews when there are dozens of those out there”. I changed and re-changed my About Me section dozens of time until I promised myself not to ever EVER changed it again. I even modified my blog title from I Review Films to I Review Stuff to the current Mesh The Movie Freak, because that was my original Flixster profile.

However, I know those were only the trivial issues in blogging challenges. The pressing matter itself is writing! To begin with, we all know how time-consuming writing could be. Moreover you want your writing to appeal to many of Earth’s residents makes it even harder. In fact, at first I was exhausted from the re-writing, editing and reading rituals before you finally presses the publish button. Saying that, I am now glad I forced myself through my laziness and dreads of blogging because the result is satisfying so far. I have seen my blog grows and develop in terms of comments, views and followers. Of course it’s not much when compare to other talented fuckers bloggers out there, but you know what? I loved it. I am a proud owner of this blog 😉

Ah yes the joy of reading other bloggers’ post. This is actually the highlight of blogging experience in my opinion since it can make you smile, laugh and fume with jealousy after you read a well-written post. I remember reading my first comment from Thy Critic Man and thinking “Wow someone real actually reads my post!” Since then, I have interacted with many awesome bloggers from around the world and indirectly learned more about different writing style. Thank you to those who have liked and commented on my blog, I really appreciate it. Also please follow those bloggers on the right side, they are awesome I promise!

Future Plan Or Whatnot

Who knows what the future holds, right? But one thing is certain, I will not stop writing, sharing and interacting on here. This blog has been a big part of my life and I will not leave it like that.

For the content itself, I am sure most of you know I don’t only write movie reviews any more. I hate to admit this, but I suffer from a massive TV disorder which leads to an unhealthy nocturnal lifestyle and writing countless pilots, finale and season reviews based on them. I also read books and will share it from time to time. But worry not I will still watch movies and promise to write more of them.

Who Is Mesh?

I know I have been secretive about my personal information because frankly I have trust issue with the internet. But since this is a special post… why the heck, right?

Who is Mesh? Mesh is a 26 year-old writer who lives in Jakarta, Indonesia. Before you ask, yes The Raid comes from Indonesia and no Mesh haven’t seen it. Since a long time, watching movies has been a big part of his life and strangely now it has become a passion. But what he loves more after watching a movie is to tell others about it, and yes he can get quite annoying at times. He grew up watching a hodgepodge of movies and got into serious stuff after high school. He enjoys different kind of genres but prefer solid script at the end of the day. His all time favourite movie is Fight Club, because it combines two of his favourite people: Chuck Palahniuk and David Fincher. He will watch any movies that star Ethan Hawke, Tom Hanks, Anne Hathaway and Marion Cotillard. He also thinks Angelina Jolie is the best next thing after cheese. At the same time, Mesh is also a huge nerd when it comes to history, science, philosophy, psychology and other geeky topics!

Thank you for reading!


16 thoughts on “One Year Blog Anniversary: Before, During and After!

  1. laksmintari

    Yay! Cheers for starting something and sticking with it. Happy one year anniv and hopefully more to come!

  2. snapcracklewatch

    Awesome post! Love reading your blog and love that blog about TV shows because gosh sometimes it feels like I am the only person who watches so many shows and then I come over here and breathe a sigh of relief that someone else also has this addiction. I hope people do not think we sit at home all day! We just manage our time appropriately. lol. I had no idea you were from Indonesia!!! I don’t know why all this time I thought you were in Canada (don’t ask I am crazy). Congrats!

  3. 13mesh

    I know right! I really should have started blogging sooner. And yes, we are surprisingly good at time management.

    Hahaha yeah I have been secretive about my whereabouts, but hey Canada sounds awesome either way lol. Thank you so much Melissa, your comments have always been pleasure to read.

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