TV Premiere: Satisfaction Pilot Review

Arguably mid-life crisis is the hot topic in the TV world. Just a few days back I reviewed FX’s trying-to-be-funny Married, about a couple who are facing mid-life crisis and then I stumbled upon another new series called Satisfaction. However, the latter seems more promising.USA-produced Satisfaction tells the story of Neil and Grace Truman. Both are white, privileged Americans with high-paying jobs and one teenage daughter. The pilot begins with Neil (played by Matt Passmore) and his life’s dilemma. He hates his job and he is always looking for something new. He thinks Buddhism is interesting and he never have time for sex with his wife again. Things got a little out of hand when Neil have a melt down at his job and quit just to come home to see his wife banging another man.

Now there is Grace Truman (played by French actress Stephanie Szostak). Another suburban mom whose personal life isn’t spicy enough. She is a designer who likes to have a book club with her friends during free time. However, Grace is also that naughty mom who asked her friends to a club when she wants to get high on life. And there she meet Simon, the same guy who Neil saw after he reached home.

Satisfaction premise is a tricky subject but the pilot managed to stray away from the given clichés and give us something else. For instance, when Neil confronted Simon about his wife’s affair he then realized that Simon is a male escort. After some turn of events, Neil ends up getting hired to sleep with a random woman. Does this mean Neil has a career change as an escort? No, he comes back to his old job and back to his wife.

The concept of infidelity on TV is still an awkward and cumbersome topic in my opinion. Of course there already are many attempts to depict the issue, such as the popular “cheating movie” Unfaithful with Richard Gere and Diane Lane for example. But in the end, it always comes down to a simple explanation of “less attention” on why adultery happened in the first place. Despite some truth to it, Satisfaction seems to stretch the notion a little bit further. The ending of the pilot threw me off guard and who knew, I liked it.

‘Why do married couple commit adultery’ is the centre theme of this Sean Jablonski’s new drama and if he is able to deliver a new approach to the already erstwhile issue, we might have an intriguing show that focuses more into the real problem, instead of good-looking couple who argued because they don’t have enough sex.

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3 thoughts on “TV Premiere: Satisfaction Pilot Review

  1. 13mesh

    I will give this few episodes hoping it knows where it’s going. Have you seen it?

    Married? No I don’t like it either. It was horrible! I was smh the whole time lol

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