Here Are My Top 5 Episodes of The Office Season 3

Since I am catching up with The Office (again!) these past few weeks, thought I will share my top 5 episodes. Okay, let’s start!

5) Diwali

Diwali is the biggest Hindu’s festival in short and I adore this episode because of Kelly Kapoor aka Mindy Kaling. In this episode, Michael tells everyone at Dunder Mifflin to support Kelly’s Hindu festival of light ‘Diwali’ by attending the celebration, which as expected turns out rather hilarious and chaotic. With the Indian costumes, songs and dancing overall, this episode is right down unique and not offensive in the American kind of way (I am looking at you The Neighbors). Serving as both the supporting actor and one of the writers, Mindy Kaling is hilarious in this episode. She is also important for The Office’s success (her writing obviously). Sure, she doesn’t get as much screen time as she deserved, but it’s all paid off in her new show The Mindy Project. So, kudos to the team and cast for a job well done!

4) A Benihana Christmas

We all know that major holidays bring the best episode in any TV shows, especially sitcoms! The third season Christmas episode is titled A Benihana Christmas and features a depressed Michael after his break-up, where he take the boys to a Benihana restaurant per Andy’s suggestion and got himself an Asian girlfriend for the night. That synopsis itself is already amusing but that’s not all. Back at the office there is a Christmas party feud! Angela challenged Pam and Karen (played by the gorgeous Rashida Jones) to throw a better Christmas party and as it turns out they won and Angela’s party suffers for having only a few people at the scene. Also Andy and Dwight compete to win Michael’s attention at the Benihana restaurant. Those two I tell you.

PS: This episode is directed by Groundhog’s Day director Harold Ramis!

3) Ben Franklin

Probably not as funny as the other, but I found this one oddly charming. To celebrate Phyllis’s upcoming wedding, Michael told the gang to order strippers for Phyllis and her husband Bob impromptu bachelor parties. The guys got their hot stripper, but the girls got a Ben Franklin impersonator instead. Guest star Andrew Daly as Ben Franklin is just creepy and hilarious. And since he is hired to impersonate the guy, the girls got to asked weird and amusing questions about America’s great Founding Father. On the other side, Michael got too enthusiastic about the bachelor party and ended up going too far as always. Uh oh!

2) Women’s Appreciation 

Women’s Appreciation begins with Phyllis entering the office with a staggering news: she got flashed by some weirdo at the office’s parking lot! And to capture the weirdo, Dwight set up a search party and asked Pam to draw the perpetrator’s face so that he can distribute the flyers in the nearby area. Pam being Pam draw Dwight’s face instead as a prank and you can imagine how it goes.

However, the brilliant part itself lies in the title. Since Phyllis’ incident, the women of Dunder Mifflin’s felt annoyed and uncomfortable around the office and to comfort them, Michael took them to the mall; thinking malls are the place women feel at ease. Despite his honourable plan, Michael has an ulterior motive: he is seeking break up advice from the ladies. The episode includes hilarious segment of “girl friends break up scenario”, but instead of a female character the women are giving tips to Michael as if he is one of their gal pals.

1) Beach Games

Beach Games takes place when Dunder Mifflin’s workers went to a lake (these people never work, do they?!) because Michael, who thinks he is getting a new job at corporate, needs to find his replacement for the branch. Based on that, Michael invites everyone for a day out and secretly challenge the potential replacement to prove themselves worthy in his eyes. Of course none of them know this was his plan all along.

The episode highlight may be Pam’s spur of the moment scene, but it’s more than that. First, Andy wears a giant sumo suit and fell into the lake where no one noticed him missing for hours! Second, in order to win Dwight try his absolute best to succeed which is madly funny. And last each of the characters got their part to play upon, for example Stanley wants to suddenly compete because he doesn’t want to work for any of these guys, or perhaps it was Ryan who is forced to take part against his will? Even so, I like this episode more than the finale itself because of Jim and Pam romantic story line. Yes, I am a fan of these two. They comes second after Ross and Rachel as my favourite sitcoms couple.

Editor’s Note: I just realized the third season aired back in 2006 around the time I was still in school. Oh boy!


Let me know what you think below!

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