TV Review: The Good Wife Season 3

The Good Wife continues its dose of legal drama, difficult choices and dark past in this third season. While the opening episode intrigues me as always, I find the first few episodes weaker if compared to the second half. Saying that, I do enjoy the English court battle in The Death Zone, Colin Sweeney return in Marthas and Caitlins and the military court with annoying judge in Whiskey Tango Foxtrot. They are fun to watch I give you that. But, the turning point of season 3, in my opinion, is with Parenting Made Easy – when we see Alicia in her mother mode, searching frantically for Grace whom she thought has gone missing or worse kidnapped. The episode is brilliantly written and acted that I considered it the perfect turning moment.

However, the third season doesn’t exist for the cause of Alicia solely. The spotlight is placed on Will Gardner who got into trouble with the DA office and suspended from practicing law. The build-up episodes were solid. From bringing back Wendi Scott-Carr as the legal representative of the DA office to the grand jury hearing day itself as seen in Another Ham Sandwich was alarmingly entertaining. I am at the edge of my seat seeing Alicia at the stand, answering her affair with Will before the jury. Juliana Margulies sure knows how to put up a mean face when she needs to.

The rest of the season follows the aftermath of Will’s suspension and the competition between the three partners who try their way to replace Will. For once I don’t enjoy Eli Gold story line as I used to. His character is pointless and out-of-place. This season also see more of Cary Agos in action in the DA office and later back at Lockhart, Gardner. His subplot is fun to watch and it better stays that way. Diane Lockhart played by the charming Christine Baranski is always a delight to watch on-screen. Not much happening with her life this season besides few hook-ups and date. Meh.

As much as I hate the backstabbing and betrayal caused by the shake up, I have to give it to Robert and Michele King for knowing their way among the drama loops. Seriously, not a lot of series know their strong points and that’s just sad. If you are Suits TV writer who is planning to write a decent drama, do give this one a shot.

While Will is busy with his past and Alicia torn between her love, her job and her kids, Kalinda on the other side had it worse. She may be the slickest investigator for hire and her friendship with Alicia may have rekindled after last season, but Kalinda has a trouble past. Nothing is given away yet, except the ending when we see Kalinda sitting on her sofa with loaded gun on her hand, waiting for her husband to return. Who is the husband? What happened? Ooo the juicy drama!

I also would like to point out the stellar guest stars in this season. We have the brilliant Michael J Fox back as the cunning lawyer Louis Canning. Martha Plimpton as the bitchy lawyer with a capital B. Anna Camp as the junior associate who I very much like. Jason Biggs as the paranoid internet money dude in Bitcoin for Dummies and Anika Noni Rose as Wendi Scott-Carr. Despite those renowned names, this season have someone extra special: Matthew Perry. Yes, my favourite sitcom actor guest star TWICE as Mike Kresteva, the lawyer from the privileged and private commission as seen in Blue Ribbon Panel. I have never watch Matthew Perry in drama before and boy he is good. Playing a douche suits Chandler Bing for some odd reason.

Season 3 ended with Alicia moving to her old suburban house after the heavy (and unnecessary) feud with her mother in law. Her relationship with Peter has improved and who knows where is it going with Will? On the other hand, the financial condition of the firm is rocky and unstable providing for bigger plot follow up. Now the only matter left is my weird obsession on Kalinda and what will happen next season.


7 thoughts on “TV Review: The Good Wife Season 3

  1. snapcracklewatch

    Scrolled fast through this, but this is next on my list to watch. By the way just finished season 2 of the Killing loved it!!!!!!!!! I am addicted, thank you as always for your great recommendations. I was telling my husband last night, we have to watch The Good Wife because the guy who recommended Orphan Black and The Killing likes it, so I think we should, he was in agreement! LOL!

  2. 13mesh

    LOL!! You are the funniest Melissa and thank you!

    I am so glad you are watching The Killing! That show is the bomb. You have to give The Good Wife a try, I really think you and your husband will like it! (feel like I am working for a TV network a moment there lol)

  3. snapcracklewatch

    I know what’s going on?! Who is paying you!!!!!!! I know I trust you though you are the only other person who watches as much as stuff as me and my husband. He is worse, he will stay up all night and finish seasons. He just finished Lillyhammer, have you seen that one? I thought it was okay, he was into it.

  4. 13mesh

    HAHAHA! I wish I am being paid for writing these crap. Your husband is an addict too? I mean TV addict lol. Ooo yeah, haven’t seen Lilyhammer. It’s next on my watch list. #Toomanyshows

  5. snapcracklewatch

    Seriously me too!!!!!!!!!! Gotta get paid, I wish! He is worse than me and he watches a lot of movies. That is what we do a lot in our spare time and he usually has other shows he stays up and watches that I am not into. He really liked Lillyhammer it has that Sopranos feel to it. He also finished Longmire, which I hated. Not sure if you like that one? If it wasn’t for me he would be done with the Killing, I keep falling asleep when we watch it late. That’s what you must look for in ur future wife…must watch tv shows! LOL 🙂

  6. 13mesh

    Ah that’s awesome. I do watched Longmire before but sometime it’s too slow. And hell yeah! That’s the first criteria on my list lol

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