TV Review: Person of Interest Season 1

When Person of Interest (or POI for short) started out back in 2011, I only watched its pilot episode and conclude that the show is not for me. The show then got renewed for the second season and the third! Three freaking seasons? Okay, that’s it. I have to give this another try.

Person of Interest centers on two men: Finch and Reese who runs around saving people who are in danger or about to commit a crime. How do they know this? the machine tells them. The mysterious machine spits out someone’s social security number when it detects danger around them and these two will prevent it before it happen. Pretty cool concept, right?

The machine is designed by Finch who is a billionaire with dozens of companies doing God knows what. He is smart, wears nerdy glasses and is socially awkward. He designed the machine with his deceased friend (shown in flashback scenes) to prevent terrorism attack. Things turn south when he realized the government will abuse the intelligent property if they have it in their hands. Since then, Finch have lived as an outcast, lurking in the shadow and helping people along the way.

Reese is an ex military man. An assassin of some sort. He is tall and have a lot of cool moves to knock down his opponent. Reese is hired by Finch in the first episode after he “quits” from his so-called job. Basically they are both an outcast who make a solid team.

But that’s not all. While both of them are doing noble job, they are not exactly affiliated to any form of organization. They are independent and that means red code to the government! Enter NYPD officer Joss Carter who hunts down the duo at the beginning until she realized they are on the good side.

The first few episodes dealt mostly with Finch, Reese and Carter playing game of cat and mouse. But once that ends, the fun begins! The show then forced itself forward to introduced wider and more menacing bad guys such as Mafia families, corrupt cops to mysterious hacker playing God.

After a few episodes, I understand why was I not interested with the pilot back then. Because frankly, POI doesn’t follow the normal procedure for a television show. There are no good guys VS bad guys in Person of Interest. Just like in real life, Jonathan Nolan’s show centers on the grey area that is not found in many safe-bet series. It’s hard to categorize POI as a cop show because it isn’t. If you say it’s a thriller that doesn’t even make sense since there are plenty of heartfelt drama written here as well. Thus why Person of Interest is indeed very interesting and I find the first season perfectly compact and solid. Seriously, there are no episodes that I don’t like.

Another cool aspect in POI is they have no rules theme. I love these thought-provoking issue, since it constantly questioned the viewers whether these two men are doing are right or wrong. Should we blindly follow the law and orders or rules and regulations set up by our government because we are told to do so? Even the one that have failed us countless of times? For instance, shouldn’t Reese has the right to killed a rapist who has corrupted countless of young women than leave him to rot in jail? That is, of course, if he actually goes to the prison in the first place. The law is a complicated process and Person of Interest doesn’t give a rat’s ass about them. There are also many occasions when we see the law enforcement itself doubt their own legal believes and help the dynamic duo taking matters into their own hands.

As I stated before, Person of Interest also dealt with its own fair share of drama. I particularly like the way the writers handled Reese and Finch’s personal history. Both of them are truly sad and heart-wrenching as well as fantastically acted out by Jim Caviezel and Michael Emerson. The interactions between these two are quite amusing in a sense that they are so self-conscious about what they are doing and why they are doing it. I also need to point out the brilliance of Taraji P. Henson who played officer Carter. She annoyed me at first, but boy isn’t she lovely!

The first season ends with a cliff-hanger where a young psychologist whose life is in danger turned out to be the hacker named Root. C’mon this is good stuff you guys!

Favourite Episodes: Cura Te IpsumWitnessBaby Blue & Many Happy Returns

Other Thoughts:

* I really dig Amy Acker as Root. I never seen her before (apparently she played in Alias and Angel), but now I am slightly obsessed with her.

* Jim Caviezel played JESUS in The Passion of the Christ!

* Michael Emerson is still Benjamin Linus to me.

* Zoe Morgan needs to come back.

* Carrie Preston as Finch’s fiancée? They guys are married in real life. Whoa!

* Quite disappointed with Elias’ story line, but I am open to his return any time.

* The series is created by Jonathan Nolan aka Christopher Nolan’s brother.


2 thoughts on “TV Review: Person of Interest Season 1

  1. snapcracklewatch

    You are right 3 seasons of this, well now you have peaked my interest. Sounds good. I also thought it was not a show for me, but it is sounding better by the moment. Agree with you on this statement, “Michael Emerson is still Benjamin Linus to me.” He will always be Ben! I cannot get that character out of my head when I see him. #misslost

  2. 13mesh

    Hahaha glad I am not alone. Ben, I mean Michael Emerson is really great in this show. Hope you get into it 🙂

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