The Killing Season 4×01 ‘Blood in the Water’ Review

It’s safe to say there are no other shows as ‘dramatic’ as The Killing! Confused? Let me explain. The Killing is based on a Danish murder series that got adapted to American television by Veena Sud in 2011. The first season was AMAZING and followed by a somewhat okay second season that leads to a cancellation. However, after some negotiations The Killing was again renewed by AMC for its third season in 2013. Three’s a charm, right? WRONG! The Killing was then renewed and picked up by Netflix for its fourth season consist of six episodes and likely will put an end to this whole killing business.

High with anticipation, the fourth season starts where it left off. Where we found Linden in a shower, cleaning the blood out of her hair after she killed James Skinner – her boss/lover/murderer. She feels panicky and disgusted. Afterwards, we see Linden and Holder together discussing what they are going to say about Skinner’s disappearance. Obviously they will not mum a word to anyone and vowed to keep the secret buried (I Know What You Did Last Summer reference guys!).

Since The Killing focuses on the fantastic murder cases as seen in each season, the fourth instalment is no different. A wealthy family is found murdered by an unknown psycho but mysteriously the son is alive although he suffered a gun shot to the head. Holder suspects the son as the killer and thinks he is faking his amnesia after he awakes from the coma. But Linden knows better when she realized the piano strings are all cut off as seen in the house! Plus, why the heck would the son blows his own head off only to kill his entire family? Okay that actually sounds reliable.

We then learn that Kyle Stansbury is a student in an all-boy military school. Linden and Holder pay a visit to the school and met the headmistress Col. Margaret Rayne (played by Joan Allen) who knows Kyle and defended him since she knows his family really well, or the father I suspect. Holder also meets a punk ‘wannabe’ student who is not very fond of the military education. I’m sure he will play a bigger part in the murder web.

The first episode doesn’t give away much about the murder case, but instead dealt with Linden and Holder’s personal lives. Linden is obviously shaken up by the way things ended in season 3. Where else, Holder just wants to forget it all and move forward since his girl friend is pregnant and that means it’s the high time for a change. The premiere episode still holds my attention by not letting things resolved quickly as we expected. Mireille Enos and Joel Kinnaman give another good performances as the duo detectives and of course the new case is interesting and reminds me of why I love The Killing in the first place.

What’s the killer problem with the piano strings? Will someone finds out about Skinner? Or let say, will Linden and Holder be together? Stay tuned for my review on the second episode!


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