The Killing Season 4×02 ‘Unraveling’ Review

The second episode of the fourth season of The Killing moves forward with high-octane drama and mild creepiness. Linden still feels guilty and shit, but thankfully she snap out of it as seen in the end of the episode. Holder on the other hand goes grocery shopping with his girlfriend and we learn something else about him: he loves his cereal, particularly Crunch Berries! A very funny moment by Joel Kinnaman.

The murder case also dominates the full episode which I am psyched about. We know that Kyle Stansbury goes to an all-boy military school, but in this episode we get a closer look at the place. Kyle returns to school and got harassed by the punk asshole Lincoln who we seen was talking to Holder in the first episode. He called his little sister names and even make voices mimicking her, which leads to a fight in the shower room. I admit I was cheering for Kyle since I love to beat assholes myself.

Linden and Holder also find another suspect: an invalid artist who lives next door. At first, I think he is another Norman Bates character, however, I am wrong. When the duo detectives snoop around the Stansbury’s beach house (located below the house), Linden found a gym bag that has unflattering pictures of Kyle’s other sister, Phoebe. It’s not surprising they then arrest the next door neighbour since a) he is a creepy artist and b) he has a room full of Phoebe’s pictures. He didn’t say much and lawyers up, but I have to say that scene gives me the jeebies. In this episode, we also learn that Kyle is the black sheep of the family and kind of hates his sister. He knew about the photos and report it to their parents only to get his piano strings cut off by Phoebe! So there goes my so-called piano strings killer theory.

Despite its well-written sub plots, Unraveling highlights comes in two scenes. Towards the end of the episode, we see that Kyle has a new visitor late at night. A girl with gothic overdo. It’s nice to know that Kyle have a booty-call when ever he needs it, but the girl isn’t there to only comforts him she may also holds the key to the case.“They got what they deserved” she whispered to Kyle’s ear being all sultry and goth. Sure it can mean anything, but it’s rather ambiguous don’t you think?

The other scene that tops the rank is when Linden confessed about her affair with Skinner to Reddick without spilling the secret that she actually killed him. This was a good scene and fantastically acted out by Mireille Enos and Gregg Henry. The tension between them is palpable and God knows what the two will do to cover her secret and seek his truth. The past is a tricky bitch and yet The Killing sure knows how to unravel it!

Other Thoughts:

* Who else thinks AJ and Kyle will hit it off? Sneaky writers.

* What’s Joan Allen doing here if she is not involved with the murder? My bet, she is the killer or at least an accomplice.

* I also thinks Holder’s girlfriend will break it off and raise the baby herself. She has that look, ya know.

* Do you think Linden will kill (or at least threaten) Skinner’s daughter? The way she was looking at her in the end was scary as hell.

* Tyler Ross is a good actor. Yeah, I am surprised as well.

Stay tuned for my review on the next episode!


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