The Killing Season 4×03 ‘The Good Soldier’ Review

The Killing third episode leaves me confused. I like that we learned new things about the case, but I am not pleased to see Holder falls into the rabbit hole yet again. I understand this has to be done to show the repercussion of their act but its futile and annoying in my opinion.

In the last review, I called her the goth girl but now we know her name and it’s Kat and she is Kyle’s friend. During her interrogation back at the precinct, she then fill us in the Stansbury’s drama. In short, the family is like THE OC’s twisted version with military strict father and adultery horny mother. I don’t think Kat will appear in another episode, but for what’s worth she did good. Maybe not as good as Bullet (RIP) in season 3, but Eve Harlow shall be remembered for this.

After getting further information, Holder and Linden pay a visit to the school and discovered something new: the high school student that Kyle’s mom was screwing is none other than Lincoln Knopf, the asshole who Kyle beat down in the last episode. I don’t know if Lincoln is the killer or not, but if he is, it’s enough. I like this element about The Killing, since the writers never go with the obvious suspect. The killer is always be the last person you’d ever suspect.

Now onto the lives of our detectives. Since we last seen Linden, she is stalking her former lover’s daughter. She almost run her off with her car but stop after her conscience kicks in. This is a very bold move by the writers, stating that all rules are broken now and anything can happen – the cops are now the killers.

And something did happen to Holder. Dealing with fatherhood is a tough job, especially for someone like Holder. I get that. However, I don’t get the sudden outburst towards his sister during dinner. He was awful and said some nasty things, like he would also committed suicide if he was her husband. And that’s not all, we then see Holder snorting coco channel inside the car because he feels guilty and shit. I understand ‘falling down the rabbit hole’ part, but going back to drugs is just an easy excuse from the writers. I do hope it will get over soon.

The Good Soldier did focus half of its plot to Kyle and his tragedy. We found out about his hard upbringing and his dysfunctional family. We also learn that someone inside the school may be the killer, but at the end we know this isn’t his show. The conclusion comes to this: Reddick is getting closer to discover the truth. Things will not get better for Holder nor Linden in my observation. Yes, Linden, the genius detective, sure gets Bethany Skinner off her back, but she made a fatal decision by returning to the lake house aka the crime scene as seen towards the end. Moreover, Linden is not alone when she throw Skinner’s mobile phone down the lake, since Mrs Skinner is apparently inside the cabin, spying on her through the window’s curtain.

Other Thoughts:

* The scene when Linden drag Kyle’s ass to his old house is adrenaline-pumping and heartbreaking at the same time. Definitely my favourite moment of the season.

* I still don’t get Joan Allen’s character. Anyone?

* I am glad Kyle is not the killer, but again anything can change with The Killing.

* I seriously love Mireille Enos as Linden. Her mannerism, body language, facial expression are brilliant. I have never seen any female TV character as damaged and bad-ass as she is!

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