The Killing Season 4×04 ‘Dream Baby Dream’ Review

Secrets revealed, family is reunited and slaps are given in the fourth episode of The Killing!

Continuing with their investigation, Linden and Holder interrogates Lincoln at a bus stop. Being an asshole as he is, he didn’t say much and lead the detectives to a false venue – Lincoln insinuates the gun he brought to his previous high school is at his house, but obviously he lied. The scene then follows an aggressive banter between Lincoln’s mother and Holder which raised a good question: should we blamed the parents for their children’s sadistic behaviour? Or should we blame the child for their own wrong doing?

Holder and Linden search the nearby gas station and as lady luck is on their side, they found a homeless man wearing St George (the military school) pendant. Good news, right? Not sure, since we will discovered that the sedan shown in the photograph in front of Stansbury residence belongs to… *drum roll* Col. Rayne! Yes, this is why Joan Allen is on the show guys, we have cracked the code.

But before closing the case, another secret got revealed in Dream Baby Dream. While following a lead on the Stansbury family history, Linden and Holder return to St George to questioned Kyle about his mother’s broken wrist (after a brief visit to the doctor), where he confessed that he broke his mother’s wrist after she made sexual moves at him. The mother told him to sex him up! Okay, give me a moment while I throw up. The episode also hints something we already know (or at least I knew): Kyle’s mother might be someone else! Still a theory at this time but I stand by it. And as if that’s not traumatic enough for the young cadet, he later got hazed by his fellow mates when he refused to play slap-your-mate game towards the junior students. AJ, who comes from another dysfunctional family befriend Kyle at first, but despise him after witnessing his new friendship with Col. Rayne. He believes Col. Rayne is diminishing the school’s reputation by her new rules, and for that he decided to teach Kyle a lesson. Being a sensitive kid, Kyle object to the idea of hazing freshman and in return got multiple slaps by Lincoln. This scene is frustrating to put it mildly and point out the flaws in so-called strict rules policy.

Despite being lucky on their case, Linden and Holder’s private lives speak otherwise. After bringing Mrs Skinner into questioning, Reddick found out that hey! Linden was at the lake house few days back. Reddick then order the diving team into the lake and found Skinner’s car at the end. Hearing the bad news, Linden and Holder decided to visit the lake where their future is hanging by a thread.

Other Thoughts:

* It’s nice to see Frances Fisher as Linden’s mother. Linden obviously suffers from mother issue and abandonment disorder. More reasons to understand her weird personality.

* Holder goes to church instead of buying drugs also resolved his “dark moment” as seen in the previous episode. Thank you!

* Who puts the gun on Kyle’s table, then? Was it Col. Rayner herself? Oh the mystery.


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