The Killing Season 4×05 ‘Truth Asunder’ Review

The worst part in the fifth episode of The Killing is not Linden and Holder being caught in the crossfire, no, the worst part is the Stansbury murder case that just got almighty REAL!As we move forward, it’s clear to see that Linden and Holder professional lives is in danger. Reddick is still behind them; he taunts Linden saying he knows she killed Skinner and played good cop with Holder, forcing him to confess for the sake of his soon-to-be born baby. Things doesn’t just end there, as tension arise between the two detectives. Holder has a point when he said he needs to think about his future and opt to confess, but Linden being Linden insults him and tell him to shut the fuck off. I am amazed by how psychotic Sarah Linden really is. She is a good detective and all, but deep down she is one angry lady.

Linden also pays amends when she visited the mother who abandoned her and in return asked her to take care of Jack in case something happen. Back at home, Linden then realize the truth that Jack’s statement in the previous episode is false: his father and new mom didn’t kick him out, he lied to Linden because he knows her mother needs him. (Aww moment you guys!) But of course, when her conscience kicks in, Linden is a good mother or at least she tries to be. Linden drops her son to the airport and gives him advice, telling Jack not to worry about her and tells him to “grab every piece of life, every piece of it”. The scene was moving and gives closure to Linden and Jack’s relationship.

However Truth Asunder meant to give viewers the inside story on the murder case. Okay hold on for a moment, so far I have suspected Lincoln and Col. Rayne as the killer, right? I was not entirely wrong, but instead of one killer and none accomplice now there are three people responsible for the Stansbury’s murder!

Back at St George, Kyle begins to remember the night of the murder when he followed some freshman to the latrine and got ambushed. Flashback moment: it was Family Day and Kyle was drag to the same latrine where the boys laid a picture of his mother on the floor and told Kyle to masturbate to it. The young cadets even chant “kill her! kill her” as if this is Lord of the Flies meets Oedipus complex. Yes, the writers stretch the disturbing elements in the new season, and we all should thank Netflix for allowing them! After his memory kicks in, Kyle then stands up and run towards Col. Rayne’s house only to find out that yep! she is also responsible for the murder.

The episode ends with Kyle running across the woods, hides behind a tree and BANG! we heard gunshot!

Other Thoughts:

* The twist with Col. Rayne is well-written. I know she is involved with the murder and now I know why. Wait, scratch that, we still don’t know why!

* The idea of trained young soldiers is undoubtedly troubling and makes me realize the writers do care for the show and have up their game since season 3.

* Holder’s Golden Lines:

“I’m the one who’s f—ed up? The only people you care about are dead.”

“Come on, Chuck, everybody’s seen Dirty Dancing” 

“Hell hath no fury like a crazy, psycho bitch.”

One more episode to go!


Let me know what you think below!

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