Person of Interest Season Two: Top 5 Favourite Episodes

It’s safe to say that Person of Interest has grow up in its second season. I am amazed by how detailed and well-written the series has become. From introducing new and awesome characters, maintaining the old one’s to adding more bad guys along with it – POI season 2 is one heck of a ride.

Here are five of my favourites!

Bad Code (Episode 2)

Synopsis: Carter and Reese travel to Texas to unravel a 21-year-old missing child case and get a line on Root who has abducted Finch. (via

My Take: I really dig Root as the bad guy. She is smart, psychotic and not bad to look at. In this episode, we continue with Root holding Finch as her hostage. What does she want? she wants the machine obviously but not to control it, instead she wants to let it free. Whatever that means. Bad Code take us back to Root’s home town in Texas and let us look at her early life. It’s safe to say that the twist in this episode was well-written. I mean, who would have thought that Root wasn’t the one who got abducted? Aside from that, this episode is fun to watch for Reese and Carter who join team and work outside of New York, while arguing about what’s right and wrong. Just like old times.

Root: Amazing. We’ve managed to perfect the apple – a genetically modified version that never goes brown. And yet, we still haven’t upgraded human beings. The human race has stalled out, Harold. And from what I’ve seen, most of it is rotten to the core.

Bury The Ledge (Episode 5)

Synopsis: When an investigative reporter gets too close to the head of HR, her number comes up and Reese must get close to her without revealing that he is the mystery vigilante.

My Take: Gloria Votsis guest star as Maxine, a hard-core reporter who try to uncover the police corruption in New York City. Perhaps it’s because I am familiar with the journalism world, but there is something exciting about watching investigative journalist in the line of fire. Also, we got to see Reese without Harold for once; he dated the journalist to keep her safe and got something extra along the way. The episode also take a closer look at the new villain who is called HR, that consist of several corrupt cops. I will always like Elias and his Godfather-like vibe, but this organization is a welcome change nonetheless. Oh Zoe Morgan stops by! I don’t understand why is she not included as often any more, she is Paige Turco for God sake!

Maxine: How do you know John?

Zoe Morgan: Oh, we spent two very long nights together last year.

Relevance (Episode 16)

Synopsis: Sam Shaw and her associate Michael Cole recieves the relevant numbers from the machine, but Reese and Finch must help them, before is too late.

My Take: This come as no surprise to those who have watch POI because RELEVANCE IS THE BEST EPISODE OF THE SEASON! This episode stands out for many reasons. First we have creator Jonathan Nolan himself in the director seat, second Relevance also serves as a stand alone episode in the series. However, for me personally this episode stands out because of one reason: Sarah Shahi who plays Sam Shaw. If you have no idea who the hell is she, do take a moment and Google her.

Relevance focuses on Special Agent Sam Shaw and her partner Michael who are on a mission. They both work for a secret Government division who give them names of bad guys they need to kill. Sounds familiar? Sam follows the rules without asking questions, however her partner digs deeper and found himself dead. Sam then realized that the bad guys she has killed may not be bad after all.

Sarah Shahi is awesome as Agent Samantha Shaw. I know she is drop dead gorgeous, but I never know she kick asses as well. I am glad she joined in full time by season 3, because I like to think she is Reese’s counterpart of some sort.

Grishin: Who you supposed to be, some kinda bad-ass?

Samantha Shaw: Not really. I have what’s called an Axis II personality disorder.

Grishin: What’s that supposed to mean?

Samantha Shaw: It means when I kill you and your friends, I’m not really gonna feel anything.

Proteus (Episode 17)

Synopsis: After the machine gives Reese and Finch six numbers at once, their search for clues leads them to a coastal town where they are forced to ride out a storm with a group of locals in a police station.

My Take: Probably an average episode to many, but since I am a sucker for this kind of plot, I really dig it. What plot? well you know the usual: where a group of strangers are trap together in one place and have to find out who among them is the killer. The episode succeeds in delivering a different scenario yet still maintains its own POI element. Carter and Fusco don’t have much to do here, but that’s okay, cause I love seeing Reese and Finch in action, especially when they are facing an identity killer! If you are in the mood of some Agatha Christie’s esque episode, do consider giving this one a look.

John Reese: At least the storm’s passing.

Harold Finch: No, Mr. Reese. I have a feeling it’s just beginning.

God Mode (Episode 22)

Synopsis: Reese and Finch team up with surprising allies in a race to save the Machine from a familiar, nefarious entity.

My Take: By this episode I realized how far Person of Interest have come in its second season. The characters have matured, tables have turned and the plot has thicken. The back story behind the Machine is finally revealed in God Mode and honestly, they nailed it. It never crossed my mind that the Machine will eventually become an Artificial Identity and for that I am gladly surprised by the turns of event. Creator Jonathan Nolan is a serious guy, he doesn’t mess around, teasing the viewers with hopeless dreams and bogus baits. He writes, directs and delivered.

The episode also connect all the characters together in one frame for the first time. We see Finch and Root working together to find the Machine real site, where else Reese and Shaw follow them behind. We also learned about Finch’s history leading to his accident cause limp and why he built the Machine in the first place.

The end scene will give any POI fans goosebumps, when we see Root answering the call from the Machine. Is the Machine siding with nut job Root after all? Who is this new Madame lady at the end?

Samantha Shaw: Where’s Bear?

John Reese: Staying with a guy named Leon. Didn’t think you even liked the dog.

Samantha Shaw: Like Him? He’s the only reason I’m sticking around.


2 thoughts on “Person of Interest Season Two: Top 5 Favourite Episodes

  1. polarbears16

    Love this show. Relevance was a masterpiece, and I’d also add The Prisoner’s Dilemma, which is one of my favorites.

    Looking forward to season 4. Great list.

  2. 13mesh

    Thank you PB! I agree Prisoner’s Dilemma is another favourite episode that I enjoyed. Especially the ending.

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