The Good Wife Season 4 Review: This Has Been Fun!

Am I surprised The Good Wife bumps into minor sloppiness and reckless writing this season? Not really, since it’s understandable for writers of any show to hit few obstacles along the way, especially when they are in the fourth year. Overall this season was good enough for me but I can’t dismiss few lingering bad points along the way.

Fresh from the start I hated Kalinda’s new husband, Nick Saverese. His character is supposed to be this season antagonist and I get that. However his presence indirectly cast Kalinda as an outsider; someone we barely recognized and liked. Good thing the writers noticed the problem and write him off in episode 10. But that still means we have to watch Kalinda playing S&M with her sadist husband for ten fucking episodes! Second, I think few of the filler episodes tried too hard. For instance, I do find the gay marriage debate interesting in A Defense of Marriage but didn’t think the conclusion was realistic. I also remember the athletic doping case with French judges in Je Ne Sais What? It was fun hearing Baranski speaks French, but all in all, it was a pointless episode. The whole debacle over Eli in Going for the Gold also gives me a de ja vu: “Haven’t they done this earlier with Peter?” And don’t get me started with Eli Gold now. I like Alan Cumming but his character have gone from fun to annoying in span of four seasons.

However, there are several fun court room episodes this season. I particularly like the first episode that dealt with the corrupt police officer who messes with Alicia and her kids in I Fought the LawThe turn of events ending in Two Girls, One Code was another good episode with Rita Wilson and John Benjamin Hickey who guest star as the evil software billionaire and his lawyer. Where else episode like Here Comes the Judge made a good use of veteran star such as Judd Hirsch as a biased judge against Alicia and team.

The solid guest stars also made a good line-up for this season. We have Nathan Lane as the trustee who look over Lockhart Gardner financial problem. Christina Ricci stole the spot light as the trouble stand up comedian in Anatomy of a Joke. It was also wise for the casting director to hire Amanda Peet and her big blue eyes for this season recurring character as first seen in The Art of War. Season 4 also focuses on Peter’s gubernatorial campaign and find himself face to face with another strong female opponent, Maddie Hayward played by Maura Tierney. And who will blame me for liking Matthew Perry returned in Death of a ClientThe scene when Peter knocked Mike down was hilarious, plus this episode also feature one of my favourite actor, John Noble as Alicia’s quirky client who unsurprisingly got murdered.

But how’s the Good Wife doing this season? Well I am happy to report that Alicia Florrick is better and braver too. Since she has worked her ass off, she finally got promoted as the firm’s equity partner but not before being played in The Seven Day RuleHow did she take this? Not so well as we see in Red Team, Blue Team where she and Cary crushed Will and Diane in a mock trial. I am also glad they put more use to Cary Agos character since he clearly influenced Alicia to step up and made the changes she wanted.

Alicia has rekindled her relationship with Peter, although she still find ways back to Will. I don’t understand the craze behind Will and Alicia and I won’t even go there. Because I watched the show solely to see Julianna Margulies’ brilliant performance, but I do understand the social stigma appeal behind the couple and thought the writers played it well. Saying that, I was glad to see the smart twist in What’s in the Box? where Alicia chose to leave the romance business behind and start her own law firm with Cary Agos.

Other Thoughts:

* Who else noticed Alicia’s red suit episode after episode?

* I love Carrie Preston in The Good Wife, but I think she is overused in certain episodes.

* Okay Diane and Kurt’s romance is off-putting. Anyone?

* New investigator? Didn’t see that one coming.

* Colin Sweeney bored me to death.

* I wish Mike Kresteva would team up with Louis Canning in future episodes. That would be interesting to see.


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