Bones Season 3 Review: Halloween Episode Is My Favourite!

My relationship with Bones has been on and off throughout the years. I first watched the series on Fox two years ago and remembered liking Emily Deschanel and David Boreanaz as the lead. Since I am also a science geek, the grotesque bones as well as the lingo got me interested. The problem is, the first time I watched Bones was in its sixth season. Not wanting to be disrespectful, I bought the first and second seasons DVD afterwards. But then life gets in the way and just recently I resumed watching Bones again.

The third season of Bones has only 15 episodes since it aired during the writers strike in 2007. However, shorter episodes doesn’t mean half-baked. The season’s structure is solid in my opinion, but the climax episodes lacks the substance and grit if compared to the other seasons (I remembered liking season 2 more).

The first episode, The Widow’s Son in the Windshield, starts out with a bang, where we see Bones and the gang uncovered a cannibalistic killer. The secret society, fictional Gormogon and the tension of not having Zack in the lab makes this episode amusing and enjoyable. The following episodes didn’t fare below average either, for examples The Secret in the Soil includes organic farming case that makes my stomach churns and the Bones’ Halloween episode Mummy in the Maze gives us Emily Deschanel in Wonder Woman costume. This season also have its fair share of “aww” moments, such as the adorable family reunion in The Santa in the Slush and ‘how will they look like if they are parents’ in  The Baby in the Bough.

However, several of the high spot episodes failed to maintain its focus, probably due to the writers’ lack of attention and ended up delivering us a soapy writing that made me cringe when I remember it. I have a question: What the heck happened in The Verdict in the StoryI actually enjoy watching Brennan’s dysfunctional family and her rational attitude towards her convict father. It’s hard not to like Emily Deschanel and her straight-face attitude during their interaction. But the problem is not the family affair but the episode’s conclusion. Towards the end, Booth saved Max from execution but lead us to a question more bizarre: Is Brennan the one who burned the corrupt FBI’s director? How am I supposed to react to that?

The finale episode, The Pain in the Heartalso suffers from a similar problem. I enjoyed Gormogon’s story line during this season. I love the eerie feeling every time I watched the gang hunts down the cannibalistic beast. Saying that, the conclusion with Zack as Gormogon’s apprentice is ridiculous – the writers got lazy! Let me stop there, because I know there are many viewers who are pissed at this and I won’t add any fuel to the flame. Let bygone by bygone.

Season 3 is also important for the show’s growth, since it loses one of the characters: Dr Zack Addy played by Eric Millegan who wanted to leave the show or was let go? I have always enjoyed the interaction between him and Brennan, being the only two “out-of-place” characters in the show; he will be missed. However, and I might be alone in this, since the show’s one man short they decided to add a new character: Dr Lance Sweets played by John Francis Daley who we first see in The Secret in the Soil as the FBI’s psychoanalyst who treat Bones and Booth. Some will find him annoying but I liked him. Not the actor per se, but the character who blurts psycho babble at inappropriate times. I understand that Sweets is the show’s new comic relief, but since I am interested in Psychology, his psych analysis answers are amusing.

Beside depicting gruesome corpse and whatnot, Bones also focuses on the romance. Although nothing happened between our leads, there were moments. For instance, I thought the kissing scene between Booth and Brennan under the mistletoe was a little over the top, but hey! it was funny as heck. The episode when they have to take care of a baby also got my attention. The relationship between Booth and Brennan is far beyond our normal TV romance, since they have different believes and outlook of the world. I find them refreshing compare to the usual clichés. Brennan is rational and mature while Booth is pure silly. Brennan is an atheist and Booth is a Catholic (I love when they argued about religion!). At times, I can get quite irritated by Booth’s nonsense and his one-dimension character, like in Boy in the Time Capsule for instance. But since I have seen the sixth season, it’s safe to say his character will grow and developed in the future.

Other Thoughts:

* I really like Cam (Tamara Taylor) among the sidekick and hope she gets more screen time in the future.

* Angela and Hodgins are awesome, but her ex husband debacle was boring as hell.

* Pam from True Blood guest star in this season!

* Favourite Lines:

Brennan: Elephants are not purple. This is wrong.


3 thoughts on “Bones Season 3 Review: Halloween Episode Is My Favourite!

  1. Natasha

    Ah, a fellow science geek! I also really enjoyed this season of Bones. I thought the second one was a disaster so anything after that would be an improvement, but the third season is an exponential improvement on its predecessor. Great write up!

  2. 13mesh

    Thank you for the comment. I do think third season is slightly better than the previous, but why you hate the second season if I may ask? (I kind of forgot the story haha). Oh, and yes science is awesome! 🙂

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