Person of Interest Season 3 Review: Visionary season!

Is Person of Interest ahead of its time? I’d like to think so.

The show completely reinvent itself from your regular action-mystery show into action-sci fi in span of three seasons, that should say something about creator Jonathan Nolan’s ambition and skill.

The third season loses one of its favourite character and upgrade the other: Joss Carter (played by the wonderful Taraji P. Henson) end her ties with the show in a shocking yet heartfelt ending. But not before hunting down those corrupted cops organization HR and bring it down to the ground. You shall be missed, Carter!

On the other hand, Root (played by Amy Acker) gets a major boost from the psycho tech gal to the trustee. The Machine which Harolds invented chose Root to be the designated driver as we have seen in season 2 finale. Her (as Root refers the Machine as) didn’t abandoned Harold per se, but choose to do her own work and yet helps the team from time to time.

Harold is the mysterious figure we never been able to crack, but flashbacks and anecdotes served its purpose in this twenty-three episodes. Harold has come so far from his first episode and this season is there to prove it.

Where else Harold’s sidekick (Reese and Shaw) still got their ‘cool effect’ and at time act as the comic relief with their famous one-liner. Their loyalty and friendship with Harold has evolved: they are not merely master and assassins, they are all in this together.

New villains got revealed: Camryn Manheim as Control and John Nolan as Mr Greer, creepy British man who owns another Artificial Intelligence system and will be the next season’s baddie. In between, another shadowy organization called Vigilance also give a much-needed distraction that lead the show away from the humdrum of lazy writing. Leslie Odom Jr. gave a memorable performance as the deluded anti-surveillance fanatic Peter Collier.

With another Artificial Intelligence on the loose as seen in Deus Ex Machina, now it’s high time for these four to survive. Saving mankind should be put on hold, or as Root said: “This was never about winning. It was just about surviving.”


Let me know what you think below!

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