Madam Secretary Pilot Review: Solid Start!

There is something comfortable about a strong female lead that fits perfectly with political drama.

Tea Leoni stars as Elizabeth McCord, a college professor who is ask by the President of The United States to join his team as the Secretary of State. The transition is odd, but it works. Perhaps because McCord was a former CIA agent who abandoned her earlier life to start a family.

Flash forward two months: McCord is adjusting her new role. Her staffs don’t necessarily like her and the Chief of Staff have his own agenda (played by the talented Zeljko Ivanek), but McCord doesn’t care. She keeps moving forward.

The pilot serves the usual thrill for first crisis to avert: two American students detained in Syria and threatened to be executed. Sounds eerily familiar with the recent event? Coincidentally you are not wrong. In other occasion, McCord also smooth-talk an African royalty to focus on solving his country’s AIDS epidemic at a formal dinner party. Two wins in one day? McCord is doing just fine.

Tim Daly also co-stars as McCord’s husband, a religion professor. I actually thought a Philosophy professor would be an ideal profession to blend in with their bedroom interaction as seen in the pilot. They also have two children who are as outspoken as their parents are. Thank goodness for no trouble teenagers, eh?

Madam Secretary starts off solid with the familiar feel-good drama and political tension in between. Can it keep up with its writing? Judging from the little twist at the end of the pilot, I think Madam will be an interesting new show to keep an eye on.


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