Season Premiere: Person of Interest (4×01) and Marvel’s Agents of Shield (2×01)

Marvel’s Agents of Shield 2×01 “Shadows”

Following what could be refer as ‘disastrously entertaining’ debut season, Agents of Shield is back to a better reform grid in its second round.

The team is now working in “shadows” after the damaging battle with Hydra as seen in last season. Coulson leads the gang in a new secret headquarter with May and Skye and other two new recruits. Their mission is to rebuild S.H.I.E.L.D and hunt the remaining Hydra’s members along the way. On the other hand, Fitz suffers from major head trauma where he talks to imaginary Simmons all the time. Ward is back, full with grown men beard and feels guilty in a cell. Are we supposed to buy that?

The Hydra’s villains are the season premiere’s highlight: Daniel “Kraken” Whitehall (Reed Diamond) and Carl “Crusher” Creel (Brian Patrick Wade). Kraken is shown in few glimpses, I think the writers are saving him for a bigger story. Where else The Crusher, new baddie who can absorb the energy of the things he touched fights the Agents. I am amazed by how good the special effect was in this episode. I am not sure what the show runners’ plan is for this season, perhaps they don’t want to focus on “superpower” bad guys, but you know what? I think they should. With the advance of technology and good storyline, Shield might just survive by playing their cards right.

And perhaps my prayers are answered. Lucy Lawless stars as another new Shield’s member who suffers a major consequences after touching the mysterious device hunted by Hydra, the Obelisk. Is she dead or will she gained a superpower? What’s the purpose of this Obelisk and why are Hydra after it?

Peggy Carter (Hayley Atwell) guest star in the opening credit and I won’t lie, that got me excited for the upcoming Agent Carter miniseries.

Person of Interest 4×01 “Panopticon”

It seems it was yesterday when we see the POI gang running around the city and saving people from harm. But come season 4, the table has turned.

Samaritan is active, yet our heroes still managed to avoid its surveillance. Perhaps because they are not lurking in the shadows any longer: Reese is a NYPD detective, Finch is a college professor, Shaw is a cosmetic sales girl and Root… I am not sure what she does anymore.

Minding their own business and living in misery (especially Shaw and her perfume bottle), the team must assemble once again to save a new number. The team saving an innocent man’s life is a normal occurrence in this show, but what link this first case with POI’s gang’s future is cleverly connected. Jonathan Nolan once again exceed my expectations with his writing. By using old rooftop antenna, Finch can resumed his hacker avatar and thus go back on saving people without Samaritan’s interference. Although, one thing is still not clear: does he want to? or will he help to only get his team back?

The ending makes everyone more deeply connected than before. With the absence of Taraji P. Henson (too soon Carter!), Fusco got himself a new partner in the end. I, for once, am looking forward to the interaction between Fusco and Reese in the future. Root’s emotional scene “everyone matters” is also a refreshing change. While Shaw getting behind the wheel with random dude makes me yell “what the heck?”. And when Finch go inside an old house and discovered the library, it sends shudder through my system: Person of Interest is back and I can’t be happier!


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