The Good Wife Season 5 Review: The Ups and Downs of Alicia Florrick

Since Julianna Margulies won the Emmy for Best Actress in a Drama series, let us celebrate and observe Alicia’s ups and downs in this fifth season.

When the fifth season returns, Alicia Florrick has not left Lockhart Gardener to start her own firm with Cary Agos. Indeed she still works beside Will and Diane (her mentors) for several cases, while looking for a “plan” to leave the firm with dignity, or that’s what she thought at first. Throughout these episodes, we then realized how much Alicia has actually evolved as a lawyer and perhaps she is ready to take the next step in her career. I am especially fond of the scene when Alicia sits on her chair at night while surveying her new office space with a bright smile on her face.

By episode 5, Hitting the Fan, Alicia and Cary face the final challenge. Both of them got fired once Will finds out about their stealing-client scheme, but Alicia hold on tight to her position until Cary secured their high-profile clients. This episode explores another side of Alicia we rarely see: why did she poach the firm’s client? She defended her actions by stating that Will or Diane would exactly do the same thing when they first started up their own firm… or did they? The next episode, The Next Day, marks Alicia and Cary official role as Florrick and Agos’ owner, and to start their new chapter what’s better than to pitch them against their old bosses? The episode also raises questions about Peter’s bias decision against Diane: did he go too far and fight his wife’s battle? If so, isn’t it the husband’s duty to “help” his wife in time of crisis?

The next week and next month (literally the titles of the following episodes) dwell deeper into Florrick Agos’ start-up firm problems. Everyone in their roles work hard to please their big-league clients yet they still need more money to survive. At the same time, Alicia have to keep up with Lockhart Gardener in court as well as NSA wiretapping along the way. As hard as that may sound, Alicia doesn’t seem to mind. She loves the idea of being in control and above all, she cares about her clients which we can see in The Next Month, where Alicia race against the clock to save an illegal immigrant.

Will is hurt after the betrayal and declares war with Alicia. He tried to throw her off in Goliath and David, which can be amusing at times, but on the other hand when they are forced to work together in We, the Juries both of them act as an adult and perform their duty accordingly. Their relationship cools down when Alicia was asked as the keynote speaker at a conference and thus forced her to recall her job hunting days in A Few Words. The episode analyze Alicia’s transition from a mother to a lawyer to being her own boss. I am not a big fan of Will-Alicia, but it was a nice reminder to know that Will gave her the chance she needed it most.

Towards the end of A Few Words, one would have thought that Will and Alicia will resume their friendship, but, alas! life gets in their way. Dramatics, Your Honor drops like a nuclear bomb for the viewers as we watch Will died from an unseen gun shooting tragedy. This episode is critically acclaimed and won many of the loyal fans’ heart, including myself. I have actually read the spoiler for the episode and yet it was nonetheless a “dramatic” twist in the recent history of network television.

After Will’s death, the following episodes carried on with the aftermath and consequences. The Last Call depicts Alicia in her most tender moment, where she search for clues regarding Will’s death. But in A Material World Alicia is seen with Diane, having drinks, comforting each others’ sorrows and ready to move on… Is she? Not too fast, perhaps, as in The Deep Web shows a distraught Alicia reexamining her life choices after meeting an attractive man in court and having lunch with her mother (Stockard Channing). In between, Alicia continues to find herself juggling with millions of things as proven in Tying the Knot. This is a pretty quirky episode (directed by Josh Charles), in which Alicia ignores her moral conscience when Colin Sweeney, played by the exciting Dylan Baker, is again suspected for a murder and expect Alicia to save him.

The sheer irony of the show’s title also become evident in this season. What I have learned about Alicia Florrick in this past five seasons is that she is a goody two shoes. Even so, at times her behaviour can appear as violent when her family is threatened. But has she ever compromised her ethics? Alicia represents both Sweeney (a murderer) and Bishop (a drug dealer) at her new firm. Has Alicia changed along the way and become more “lawyer” as of now or has she always been this way?

A Weird Year ends the fifth season with future decisions and personal dilemmas. Alicia and Cary overheard Lockhart Gardener’s new foremen plan to destroy their company and decide to take this information to their advantage, but not before arguing with each other over the clueless Diane who suggest to merge their firms. While the problematic fire keeps on burning, Alicia received an interesting offer by Eli Gold that could change everything. Who said life is dull and boring for this Good Wife?

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