Mini Recap: Person of Interest (4×02) and Agents of Shield (2×02)

Person of Interest 4×02 “Nautilus”

This week’s episode focuses on a new case where a female college student play a strange scavenger hunt across the city to find the meaning of life. Claire, played by Quinn Shephard, is an interesting character for the show’s progress, or more likely to return Harold’s faith in the machine. At the end when Harold has done all he can think of and Claire still chooses “the dark side”, he knows he has to reassemble the team.

The whole figuring out Claire’s plan throughout the episode is a fun ride. From spotting the “Lost Dog” flier, the graffitied wall to the nautilus symbol in the park – director Chris Fisher delivered an engaging action movie-esque episode. Shaw returns for a brief stint to smack a young barista’s ass (funny!), where else Root made an appearance to fill in the clue to Samaritan’s latest action i.e recruiting Claire. Fusco, on the other hand, made an impression with his “New York New York” code crack – who knew the man played music, eh? And as always, the finale episode proves to be glorious: the POI gang finds a new headquarter that may or may not have a subterranean train!

Marvel’s Agents of Shield 2×02 “Heavy Is The Head”

I have no idea what “Heavy Is The Head” means or imply, but the second episode is watchable with MANY subplots. The new recruits, Lance Hunter, dominates this episode and guess what? he is already better than bobble-head Ward. He met up with Talbot but ended up joining the team after a few hiccups. He also requested a proper burial for Lucy Lawless’ character which I hope will make a return (rise from the dead!). Apart from the satisfying acting from Nick Blood as Lance Hunter, this episode also wins by focusing more time at my favourite duo Fitz and Simmons (who is imaginary at the moment).

Fitz makes a new friend with another recruits, Mac (Henry Simmons) who I think will be his new partner in the future. The way they bonded and quickly strike friendship will be interesting to see. Although Iain De Caestecker and Elizabeth Henstridge have such a strong chemistry that if they decided to make a spin-off out of them, I will definitely see it. Our last season’s mysterious villain Raina also made an appearance, who secure the obelisk from Absorbing Man and gave it to her boss that is Skye’s father played by Kyle MacLachlan.

The team is still after the obelisk and yet to come across what Kraken and his team are planning for the world. But that can wait because Coulson have made peace with General Talbot and for some peculiar reason he unveiled Shield’s Quinjet at him. Did he mean to intimidate Talbot by the gesture?


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